Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 10/13

The right term

Thank you, Julia Hickey, for your interesting and informative article about women’s suffrage in San Luis Obispo County. And thanks for using the term “suffragist” instead of the derogatory “suffragette” — and for explaining the difference.

I learned the difference when I took a women’s history class more than 35 years ago, and it always irks me to see how often the media continues to use the wrong term to describe those brave and dedicated women who fought for our right to vote. It’s nice that our hometown newspaper got it right!

Yvonne Smith


Celebrate libraries

Why we love our public library:

Friendly, helpful professional staff; resources for students; monthly book discussion groups; specialized computer databases; the latest bestsellers; free Wi-Fi; meeting place for community groups; reference books and manuals; weekly storytime and Toddler Time; internet access for job-seekers; bargain book sales; summer reading programs for kids; winter reading programs for adults; large print and audio books; no-cost DVDs, CDs and video games; health and wellness classes; drawing and writing workshops; biographies; daily and weekly newspapers; monthly magazines; e-books; civic forums; community bulletins and volunteer opportunities; and many, many other resources.

Have you visited the library lately?

Celebrate Friends of the Library Week (Oct. 16-22) by going to your local library and joining Friends of the Library. For a small annual fee, you can help to maintain and expand resources that enrich our lives.

Eileen O’Grady


Fraud just business

Many Americans accept that the massive “no-strings-attached” taxpayer bailout of Wall Street prevented a global depression. But today’s youthful protesters ask why we permitted — and still permit — the existence of such financial recklessness and its threat to our prosperity.

Perhaps it is because financial lobbyists significantly fund candidates during elections. Candidates who, in return, make outrageous pledges; candidates who think corporations are people; candidates who deregulate and thus promote financial predators. Politicians ignore the dire warning: “Banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies.”

In California, we are fortunate to have Attorney General Kamala Harris, who has courageously worked to prosecute financial malfeasance. Dante consigns those guilty of outright fraud to his Inferno’s “Eighth Circle” in the next life. In this life, Dante notwithstanding, unless the jailhouse door “clanks shut” behind these predators, fraud to them is just another cost of doing business.

Dan Biezad

San Luis Obispo

Reach out and help

Recently, I attended a presentation by a world-traveled missionary who spoke of how the United States had more volunteerism than many other countries around the world. She said that people worldwide praise U.S. citizens for our service.

Most countries don’t have volunteer programs that reach out to those in need, and it is important that we continue to foster that call to serve, both locally and internationally. This missionary challenged my youth group to reach out, beyond our personal boundaries, and help those who can’t help themselves.

I strongly encourage young people, as a high school student myself, to reach out alongside adults and continue the fine tradition of volunteerism of our parents and grandparents. Thus, I also challenge San Luis Obispo County to stop thinking that the U.S. is in such a terrible state of decay for a moment and look at the bright side; we are a powerful group of people who can make a difference if we reach out. So reach out, and make a difference.

Ellen Davis