Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 10/12

Tune in to truth

They are criticized for not knowing everything from the start, but that is a ludicrous criticism. They know that something is wrong and that people in power have no intention of fixing it. We the people have to do it.

The right wing is trying, in their usual frenzy, to say this is a riot of the fringe and is like various revolutions in history, but they don’t mention the obvious one. This movement is most like the American Revolution and the period where a young country worked to try to frame a constitution and figure out how a new country could look.

The tea party was a rogue element destroying property to make a point. Occupy Wall Street is restrained, nonviolent and working to create community. Tune in to the truth and help the honorable quest to find our country and get it back.

Robert Dickinson

San Luis Obispo


I’m writing to thank Kai Indvik, a former student in the San Luis Coastal Adult School’s Parent Participation Program, for his generous, creative and practical contributions to the Hilltop Garden, a collaboration between the Adult School and San Luis Obispo High School.

Kai, with help from his grandfather Frank Stewart and Boy Scout Troop No. 308, built a lattice entry, a crushed-granite pathway and child-height raised garden beds. We are grateful to Kai for choosing our garden for his Eagle Scout Project.

The Parent Participation Program will host Kai at an open house in the Hilltop Garden from 8 to 11 a.m. Saturday in conjunction with a rummage sale to raise funds for our scholarship program. Please join us to meet Kai, view his work and enjoy the garden.

Sallie Joyce Higgins

Instructor, Parent Participation Program

Inspiring Bioneers

I attended the Bioneers Conference in SLO last year. It was inspirational and informative, a real opportunity to get involved with local efforts leading to sustainable change.

Ecologistics, a local nonprofit, is organizing this year’s event at the San Luis Obispo Veterans Hall from Friday to Sunday. Last year’s speakers included Jane Goodall, Andy Lipkis and others.

I was impressed with how they addressed serious and looming problems while speaking with humor, awareness and grace. They integrated examples of successful projects, solutions, ideas; how one person’s ideas and actions can make a real difference.

Speakers wove their relationships with their children and future generations into their message. I was motivated to act and am now working for a local renewable energy company.

This year’s event will have experts speaking, as well as leading field trips, with opportunities to learn and participate in sustainable food supplies, green building, watershed restoration, education, leadership, partnerships and more — transforming our economy and culture with practical ideas and solutions.

Communities are coming together to build lasting resiliency — after all, our children, grandchildren and many generations to come will inherit what we leave (or don’t). See the list of events at www.ecologistics.org.

Lawson Schaller

Los Osos

Billions of bags

There are many reasons to ban plastic bags and curb the use of paper bags. Let me express my reasons.

The five major sources of conventional mass energy — oil tar sands, oil, natural gas, coal and nuclear — all have major negative environmental consequences. We go madly dashing from one to another in a futile attempt to find the magic bromide.

Enter renewable energy (e.g., solar, biomass, wind, waves and geothermal). These must be in the energy mix but clearly are insufficient by themselves at present.

What is missing from the equation is energy reduction! We are profligate users of energy, much of it duplicatory (and thus unnecessary).

To focus on one aspect of the problem: The mindless production and use of plastic and paper bags! Billions of these bags are churned out each year. At best, a small percentage are recycled; at worst, they clog our streets and landfills and choke our oceans and aquatic life while unnecessarily costing large sums to produce and distribute.

We have started to take note and take action. The county is proposing an ordinance by which we would do our part to remedy the situation. The ordinance should be supported.

Richard Kranzdorf

San Luis Obispo

There is a plan

Democrats claim that Republicans have no “plan.” Nonsense! They have a plan: make permanent tax cuts for the wealthiest so they can build factories in China; ship American jobs overseas (Whitman and Fiorini); move their business and their money overseas to avoid paying taxes (Halliburton); privatize Social Security, so those with no money to invest will face an impoverished old age; repeal insurance reform and block universal health care, so the working poor will die sooner; and take away a woman’s right to choose. Sounds like a plan to me!

When I hear, see and read about hardworking people of the middle class supporting this “plan,” I am stunned at the success of the propaganda machine, which has convinced them to abandon the party which gave them Social Security, Medicare, unemployment insurance and civil rights, because it hasn’t been quick enough to undo the rape of America’s economy by the unfettered deregulation of capitalism and unregulated “free trade.”

Then, the poor dupes boast they’re going to vote these flag-waving, self-interested destroyers of the American Dream and protectors of the elite back into office. Historians and philosophers have warned us for centuries that an under-informed electorate is easily swayed by those who seek power. Here it is, happening again.

Istar Holliday

Arroyo Grande

A critical tie

Last month, you printed my letter inviting your readers to attend a BBQ at Mitchell Park as a means of honoring our soldiers and veterans. I asked that people bring snacks and toiletries to be sent to local soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

It was a gorgeous day with hundreds of meals served.

I’m happy to report that the Military Parents of the Central Coast was the recipient of over $2,000 in donations and proceeds from the BBQ. That will cover the postage for about 200 boxes. In addition, many people brought snacks and toiletries to send. We received cases of snack foods, instant noodles, powdered drinks, jerky, toothbrushes and toothpaste.

Some of these items are already en route to the 14 local soldiers serving in the desert. They’ll also be receiving Halloween treat bags full of snacks and a “feast in a box” for Thanksgiving. Soon, we’ll be assembling Christmas stockings.

Many thanks to your readers who attended the BBQ and/or donated items. These soldiers have ties to SLO County, and it’s truly a pleasure to pack boxes full of your donations. It provides a critical tie to their hometowns and can lift their morale far higher than you’d imagine.

Your generosity is truly appreciated.

Cathy Marvier

San Luis Obispo