Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 10/10

New Tech unhappiness

Regarding the proposed New Tech High School in Nipomo: While the school sounds exciting, I’m concerned that so much money is being spent on a new school that will benefit few students, especially when current schools are doing without because there are supposedly no funds.

Cuts this year have included eliminating computer lab assistants, which seems crazy in a district that claims to be stressing 21st-century skills. School library hours have been slashed at all schools, while studies have shown that a school library positively affects student achievement. In addition, kindergarten aides have been cut while class sizes have increased dramatically.

I was already unhappy about the proposed school when we have two great high schools already, but what really got me was when I read that students from other school districts can apply. We in Lucia Mar Unified School District are making all the sacrifices, and there is already a slim chance that our kids will even be one of those chosen to attend. Now the chances for them to get in are even less.

While I feel Lucia Mar teachers and staff are amazing, I feel really negative about the focus of the school board. I don’t feel they are putting students’ needs first.

Cathe Olson


Tunnel vision

I have closely followed the Lucia Mar Unified School District’s work on implementing their 21st Century Skills plan, and I support the district’s move in such a positive direction.

I wonder, however, whether the district is suffering a bit from tunnel vision. Our teachers are now in overcrowded classrooms with a limited number of supplies. Parents, many of whom are also struggling, are being asked to supply copy paper, markers, tissue (and the list goes on) for children’s classrooms.

PTAs and PTOs work tirelessly to raise funds in hopes that classroom aids, librarians, enrichment opportunities and intervention programs might have some presence. Yet the district has spent funds sending staff to outside districts to view programs that our district desires to emulate.

It appears as though district employees were “wined and dined” to get them to support the TAP program as well as the creation of New Tech High. While these might be worthwhile endeavors, the cost to build support for the programs and now New Tech High seems desperately out of touch with the realities facing the Lucia Mar student body as a whole.

Jeanne Giles

Arroyo Grande

Confusion cleared

As I began reading the article about the Topaz Solar Farm and the power plant’s seemingly inexplicable 35-year lifespan, I immediately thought: Why bother? All that money for 35 measly years of electrical generation?

But a little further reading cleared up my confusion. There are $1.9 billion in federal loan guarantees still outstanding. Sure, the company says they conveniently missed a deadline — like anyone can forget $1.9 billion just lying around for the taking and not take steps to correct the situation. However, I am sure the current green administration will be more than happy to give First Solar a time waiver. After all, it was an honest mistake — just like Solydra’s business plan.

James Frazier

Paso Robles

1st round to Peschong

In pondering the debut of “Peters and Peschong,” the liberal and conservative perspectives on The Tribune’s “Voices” page, I was reminded of the opening round of a boxing contest. Liberal Gary Peters’ tactics seemed to be mere rehearsals of previous bouts and then, midround, shifted the contest from environmental regulations into another fight altogether: the inequities of wealth in the U.S. He was out of the fight at the close of the round.

By contrast, at the opening bell conservative John Peschong came out of his corner with a focused and unrelenting attack. He landed punch after punch via his characterizations of the EPA’s “excessive regulations,” citing specific incidents and numbers. This “referee” thinks Peschong won the first round hands down.

As a former conservative and now mainly a Democrat, I offer training advice for Mr. Peters: 1. Drop the time-worn liberal justifications for the EPA and related programs and instead demonstrate why the U.S. needs them in the 21st century; 2. Be at least as concentrated as Mr. Peschong; 3. Be engaged in the round you are fighting — don’t stray elsewhere.

Now gentlemen, come out from your corners. We’re looking for a clear and focused contest that will help America become a champion again.

Gordon Fuglie


A Royale success

As members and volunteers of Camp Fire Central Coast, we would like to thank the many businesses and volunteers who helped with the success of our Casino Royale fundraiser. Thanks to the community support, we can continue to provide programming for generations of Camp Fire Youth here on the Central Coast.

Thank you to Joy and Howard Becker, who generously offered a venue for our event, as well as Cheryl and Kerry Langford for food donations. Wine and beer were by Central Coast Brewing, Creekside Brewing Company and Penman Springs Vineyard. Lickety-Split donated wonderful cupcakes for dessert. Howard Hess was at the barbecue with delicious sausage appetizers and tri-tip. Beautiful invitations were made by Sullivan Studios, with table decorations donated by Shell Beach Floral Design and Mission Linen. Music was by DJ Richard Jess and had everyone dancing!

Prize donors included:

Vivant Fine Cheeses, Splash Cafe, Shell Cafe, Louisa’s Place, Energies Rising, Moonflower Photography, The Sky’s the Limit, “All in” Fun, The UPS Store (at Johnson Avenue and Foothill Boulevard), Jan Wilson, American Laser Skincare, Yolanda Bernasconi, and wineries Costa de Oro, Mitchella, Zin Alley, Tolosa and Alta Colina. Thank you everyone for the success and wonderful time. Looking forward to the next one!

Sue Viola

San Luis Obispo

Publish a real story

I cannot believe that The Tribune is once again bashing the recently revised trash can ordinance. It is amazing to me how this is considered newsworthy, particularly on the front page. Of all the problems that SLO neighborhoods are experiencing, you have chosen this as an important issue?

How about doing some real investigative reporting and publishing an article about the myriad of crimes that occurred during WOW. If you read the police log for that week, you will have thought parts of SLO were a combat zone. Why aren’t you publishing these statistics and shouting how something needs to be done to curb these problems in our neighborhoods?

Many residents are fed up with what goes on in their neighborhoods every weekend and many have packed up and moved.

If you want to truly investigate what is really happening in our neighborhoods, rather than focusing on the trash can issue, why don’t you reveal why this exodus of homeowners is occurring? This city will face a real crisis if homeowner occupation continues to decline. Now that is a real story to investigate and publish.

Carolyn Smith

San Luis Obispo

A new revolution

I am very disturbed and angry because I have no representation in the House of Representatives. My congressman, Mr. Kevin McCarthy, has signed a pledge to a Mr. Grover Norquist that he will never raise taxes.

That means that by signing a pledge to this man, he no longer represents me. He represents Mr. Norquist. He has abdicated the promise and pledge he took when he took the oath of office to which he was elected, which was to uphold the Constitution and represent the people who elected him.

Those of us who are in the 22nd Congressional District have no representative in the House. Our forefathers revolted against England because they were being taxed without representation.

Well, maybe we need to start a new revolution against not getting problems solved and not getting people back to work because our representative has given his loyalty and allegiance to a person we did not elect and who is only interested in helping the rich get richer!

Please write to Mr. McCarthy and ask him to renounce his pledge to Mr. Norquist and pledge to represent us who elected him.

Margaret Fertschneider


A proven record

Haven’t we had enough examples of candidates who can talk good and promise “change” but have no experience to back it up?

We elected President Barack Obama into the White House as a result!

Let’s not make this mistake again in selecting a Republican candidate.

We need a man in the White House who has years of experience running government and private business.

Debating skills are not the best prerequisite for a good president. A proven management record is. That is what you media people should be focusing on, not sound bites.

Justin Ruhge


Must be a racist

Let me say — satirically — I must be a racist.

The Berkeley College Republicans’ “Increase Diversity Bake Sale” charges different prices based on the buyers’ race, gender and ethnicity. The Associated Press described this as satirical opposition to a now-vetoed bill that would have allowed the California university systems to consider such factors in student admissions.

The Facebook posting of the event declares that if I don’t come, I am a racist. But it then “must follow, as the day follows the night,” that the proposed legislation is racist. And if I support the legislation I must be a racist.

Woe is me.

Jim Talbot

Arroyo Grande