Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 10/4

The first step

Some of the richest Americans pay a lower rate in income taxes than the average American. President Barack Obama wants to make the wealthy pay their fair share, and the Republicans scream “class warfare.” Well, for once, the Republicans have got it right. It has been class warfare since day one in our country.

When the rich colonials created our Constitution and said that only land-owning white males could vote, that was class warfare. In the 1990s, when the rich bankers convinced Congress to deregulate banks, setting the stage for the worse economic crisis in 70 years, that was class warfare.

Class warfare is when the richest Americans outsource their businesses while more of the rest of us are driven into unemployment, poverty (1 in 7 Americans, at this point), poor or nonexistent health care (about 1 in 4 for children), loss of house and car, and the tearing apart of families.

It is class warfare, all right, and it is about time we recognize it for its reality and join the fight. The first step? End the ridiculous tax breaks and loopholes that only the rich enjoy, and work toward a fair tax system.

Mark Tomes

Santa Margarita

This is class warfare

Denying health care to the poor is class warfare.

Cutting Social Security is class warfare.

Opposing unions for teachers, police and firefighters is class warfare.

Stopping financial grants to college students is class warfare.

Fighting Planned Parenthood is class warfare.

Sending jobs overseas is class warfare.

Refusing to regulate mines and oil wells is class warfare.

Taxing the rich is justice.

Art Armstrong

Los Osos

A sobering message

I read with concern a startling article: “The U.S. allergy to global warming” (Sept. 25).

What are we thinking? The article contained frightening statements explaining that despite the undeniable science of global warming and the indisputable findings of 98 percent of the world’s climate scientists, Americans are continuing to deny and dispute climate change, incorporating the issue into a “broader movement of right-wing populism,” a movement that has a “visceral loathing of environmentalism.”

On Oct. 30, Bill Mc-Kibben, acclaimed author, environmentalist and founder of 350.org, will speak at the Fremont theater in San Luis Obispo. His most recent book, “Eaarth,” has a stark and sobering message about our world: “Global warming is no longer a threat, but a reality. We’ve created a new planet, still recognizable, but fundamentally different. We’re going to have to learn to make our lives on a tough new planet.”

We invite climate change skeptics to attend this event and open their minds to some change in their thinking.

To encourage their attendance, the first 10 deniers to call our ticket hotline at 704-3356 get in free. Others can purchase $10 tickets at www.ccc4justice.eventbrite.com. Proceeds benefit nonprofit Central Coast Clergy and Laity for Justice and McKibben’s 350.org.

Gina Whitaker

Board member, Central Coast Clergy and Laity for Justice

A worsening problem

An issue that has caused a big portion of this country’s problems is illegal immigration. I feel it is the No. 1 problem in this country. There are millions of illegal immigrants living and working in this country.

It has progressively gotten worse throughout the years because of the lack of resistance on our government’s part.

Our government has become corrupt, and the decisions seem to be all self-serving and not for the betterment for our people at all. This country has created a magnet that draws illegal immigrants here.

It seems few people want to talk about this issue, and our country’s economy is getting worse every day.

Our leaders say jobs, jobs, jobs; yet here are millions of illegal immigrants holding jobs that could be available.

Hal Holzinger


Social creatures

We humans are by nature social creatures. Our lives would be meaningless without a safe social framework in which to interact and a stable economic infrastructure to support our very existence. And yet, we strive to view ourselves as highly individualistic and independent. It’s our secret weapon for survival.

How do we resolve this apparent dilemma? Through consensual government. In order to function in a meaningful way, we need to accept a social and economic infrastructure that together allows for both. Government ensures a favorable environment by providing a system of laws, regulations, services, facilities and security that benefit all its constituents.

Workers, consumers and entrepreneurs alike cannot succeed without the benefit of these community assets.

But these critical assets are not free. Government and society itself cannot succeed without sharing the cost. Everybody plays, everybody pays (in proportion to their benefit and ability to pay), and everybody gains.

That was the goal of our founding fathers. That should be the goal of our elected officials today. And, that is socialism with a small “s.”

Get used to it. It’s been around as long as we have gathered to build viable societies, governments and nations. We couldn’t live without it.

Bruce G. Mills

Paso Robles

Hunting irony

A recent article told of a hunter being killed by a black bear. Sad news to me as I don’t like to hear of anything being killed — a hunter or a black bear.

Now, as sad as this was to read about, it is sadder because this was a totally preventable incident. It seems that the man was a part of a group that had gone out to hunt and kill black bears.

Well, how ’bout that? The irony of it all. Had this hunter stayed home, played with his kids, had some neighbors in for a barbecue, this never would have happened.

But something happened, and this bear, after being shot for no good reason except to make these blood-hungry morons happy, turns on them and kills one of them.

Poetic justice? It’s some kind of justice in my mind. Never have, never will understand these people. Someone once explained hunting as communing with nature, feeling close to God and his creatures, and on and on. To me, it looks like they just like to kill.

Patti Launders