Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 10/1

Ordinance abuse

San Luis Obispo’s noise ordinance adopted by the City Council on Feb. 2, 2010, imposed significant fines to students for noise. The city provided for a single warning to be issued to the students prior to imposing significant fines for violations. Following the warning, the first, second and third violations are $350, $700 and $1,000, respectively. However, at least one property management company in the city abuses students by including an addendum in its leases by charging “liquidated damages” of $300 to the student, even when only a warning is received. This charge is in addition to the fines levied by the city under the ordinance.

It is obvious that this property management company does not incur $300 worth of costs when this occurs. While the city needs to manage noise,it is my opinion as the parent of a responsible student that the students are being abused by companies that include this provision in its leases.

Given that the ordinance is based on “plainly audible” noise at a mere 50 feet from the edge of the property line, charging students for warnings is reprehensible. Parents and students should refuse to do business with any entity that includes any “liquidated damages” in addition to the costs associated with San Luis Obispo’s strict ordinance.

Robert L. Silva


Protect yourself

A close friend of mine lived alone in a nice mobile park after her husband died. She fell in her home and broke a bone in three places and cut the skin.

She could not get help by voice and could not get to the phone; she was there for 24 hours before a friend came by and summoned 911. I talked to her in the intensive-care unit and thought she would make it, but she died.

So if you live alone, subscribe to one of the emergency button companies and be protected.

This could have been you, and age doesn’t matter. Think about it, and check it out.

Mac McCullar

San Luis Obispo

Thanks for shopping?

Several letters lately have endorsed shopping locally. My husband and I do try hard to support the local SLO County economy. However, I do have a complaint.

Regardless of how much money we have spent in local retail stores (non-chain), never once have we received a follow-up note, phone call, email or any other form of communication thanking us for our business. What a lost opportunity this is.

How about making a note of purchases, etc., and notifying the local customer of sales, new merchandise or even a short thank-you for shopping at their store? Some larger out-of-town retail store employees do this. It builds their personal business and results in more dollars for them and their employers.

Rosemary Lang

Shell Beach

Sympathy for loss

The photo and article on Dystiny Myers’ grandmother instantly caught my heart. Many years ago, I lost my mother to a violent crime, and I recognized the shock and anguish that her photo so clearly shows. I can only pray that time and her faith will bring her peace, and that her beautiful granddaughter is, indeed, resting with the angels.

Ynana Zovich

San Luis Obispo