Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 9/30

Face the danger

The cartoon you printed Sept. 26 showing Israel as the “bad guy” in the present political climate is an affront to any thinking person who knows anything about the political climate in that unhappy area.

To be surrounded by, to the left’s way of thinking, the “peace-loving, democracy-craving” Arabs is so naive, so fallacious and so utterly wrong.

Why the left and the present administration have turned their backs on Western civilization, I have no idea. Certainly bad decisions have been made and are still being made, but here we have a chance to correct them, hopefully in a peaceful way.

I ask the left to join in facing the danger that is amongst us now before it overwhelms us, as it already has in parts of Europe. It sounds melodramatic. I wish it were. It is called “reality.”

Paul H. Pobor

Shell Beach

Learn the facts

The beauty of free speech is that it can make you look good or bad.

I am responding to Loren Birra’s letter of Sept. 28 titled “Me, I, we, my,” wondering wether Barack Obama ever had a job before becoming president.

First, I need to remind Loren about the behavior of Republicans in Congress during the eight years of the George W. Bush presidency. “On cue” is not the right expression. Pavlovian response is more appropriate.

As far as the president having had a job before becoming president (not counting being state and U.S. senator), he has had many jobs and has even been self-employed. If Loren took the time to seek information with a balanced approach to politics and politicians, Loren would learn those facts.

The problem might be that Loren is one of these tunnel-visioned, ideological, low-information voters who contribute absolutely nothing to the progress of the nation as a whole.

Fabrizio Griguoli

Shell Beach

New columnists

Kudos to The Tribune for adding Gary Peters and John Peschong to the Voices section of your paper. You have chosen two individuals who not only give liberal and conservative views to complex and critical issues, but also present the reader with concrete facts and forensic evidence to support their perspectives.

Although I tend to lean toward Peters’ insight because we need safeguards against environmental damage that could result in untold human suffering for generations, I appreciate Peschong’s inclusive acknowledgement of a need to protect our environment while allowing the best climate for job creation and preservation.

Therefore, I believe that all of us need to put aside the simplistic and often dogmatic views of our political propaganda spinners and seek evidence from people like Peters and Peschong who make us pause and perhaps temper our ingrained beliefs so we can find a way to better ourselves and our country.

I am looking forward to our new columnists’ future contributions to The Tribune.

Allan Celestin

Paso Robles

Riveting journalism

Congratulations on the selection of such a riveting issue so aptly posted as the premier story on the front page of The Tribune (“Kicked in the Can,” Sept. 25).

The quality of the investigative journalism was beyond reproach. Do I see a Pulitzer on the horizon?

Phil Bauman

Morro Bay

Many versus few

I want to express my support for the fugitive dust rule and beg for the quick implementation of this rule.

The choice is obvious. Do you protect the health of the 17,000 or so residents of Nipomo? Or do you cater to the fun of 100 or so ATV drivers? The 17,000 residents own properties and pay a lot of taxes. They and especially their children need protection from dust particles.

The particulate matter issue has been kept in a low profile so far. I was not aware of it when I bought my property last year.

If you monitor the air quality reports, you no doubt note that Nipomo often has the worst air quality in the Central Coast. There have been many times when we are advised to stay indoors.

I advocate that ATV access to Nipomo beaches be denied until someone can show they are safe. The burden should not be on the residents to prove ATVs are causing the problem but should be on the ATV community to show they are not damaging our air quality. This may cause some loss in incremental revenue from ATV riders, but I’d rather pay more in taxes to supplant this revenue than have residents, including children, develop lung cancer. Dr. Richard Wishner


Different porfolio

I wonder if those folks who have a problem with the continuance of Social Security have given consideration to the fact that millions of common working-class citizens will become destitute without it, given the fact that they are living paycheck-to-paycheck, even in some cases with two wage earners. Saving or investing in their retirement is unrealistic if not impossible.

We definitely should amend or redesign the program to allow it to serve its purpose and continue. The only portfolio the average worker has, or will ever have, is the one they keep their artwork in.

Mike Lorenzo

Los Osos

Paving every inch

Would it be possible for a public explanation of why must we pave or what is the benefit of paving over ever inch of San Luis Obispo? Why are we no longer allowed to live in a nice town?

The proposed “Serra Meadows” development (Aug. 24) is going to accelerate the diminishing quality of life in San Luis Obispo. There seems to be something morally and historically wrong with promoting a housing development in an airport flight path — built on soil possibly environmentally damaged by petroleum.

Given there is no shortage of houses for sale or rent in San Luis Obispo, why is more sprawl and its negative aspects being promoted?

Living in San Luis Obispo, I never, ever thought there would come a day where I would have to deal with: Orange County-style traffic, a layer of smog hanging over the town, graffiti, the daily grind of street people trying to steal or vandalize my property. But thanks to the city government’s cavalier attitude to the health and well-being of San Luis Obispo, this is now my existence.

G.R. Flores

San Luis Obispo

Potential cronies?

So, Michele Bachmann accuses the president of “crony capitalism” with regard to the government loan made to Solyndra. My dictionary defines “crony” as “the appointment of friends and associates to positions of authority without proper regard to their qualifications.” And “capitalism” is defined as “an economic and political system in which a country’s trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state.” Where was the appointment to positions of authority regarding Solyndra?

I guess I’ve been under the misunderstanding that “crony capitalism” was a naturally occurring regular event in our corrupt culture and politics. Consider the Bush administration cronies: Bechtel Corp, Halliburton, KBR, BlackWater, Fluor, United Technologies, Valero Oil, BP Oil, Chevron Oil, ConocoPhillips Oil, ManTech International, Tom Brown Inc., etc. and the many appointments to his administration from these companies. And, finally, the Bachmann campaign itself and its relationship with Koch Industries. Are there potential cronies waiting in the wings for their appointment?

I mean, aren’t all of these crony relationships just kind of “normal” corrupt American politics?

Please help me with this. It’s so confusing!

Thomas Cyr

Arroyo Grande