Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 9/27

Time to retire?

With regard to Rep. Anthony Weiner’s traditionally Democratic Congressional district having elected a Republican to replace him:

I was suddenly reminded of what Harry Truman said in a speech in Denver in 1946 referencing his own “do-nothing” Republican-dominated Congress.

“Understand me when I speak of what the Republicans have been doing. I’m not talking about the average Republican voter. Nobody knows better than I that man for man, individually, most Republicans are fine people.

“But there’s a big distinction between the individual Republican voter and the policies of the Republican Party. Something happens to Republican leaders when they get control of the government. ... Republicans in Washington have a habit of becoming curiously deaf to the voice of the people. They have a hard time hearing what the ordinary people of the country are saying.

“But they have no trouble at all hearing what Wall Street is saying. They are able to catch the slightest whisper from big business and the special interests.”

Now our own “do-nothing” Congress, even worse than Truman’s Congress, has had 65 years to refine this disgraceful obduracy. Isn’t age 65 time for retirement?

Richard Bruton


The nuisance rule

Regarding the four-year delay to act on the health-threatening air pollution on the Nipomo Mesa and Oceano, there is a different APCD rule that is in force right now that would go much faster. This is called the “nuisance” rule.

It would address the “track-out” from vehicles exiting the beach onto Pier Avenue and would not fiddle around with straw bales and vegetation projects on the Dunes. The DRI’s pilot study wasted time with straw bales that got covered with blowing sand in just weeks. Vegetation takes years to grow, especially in harsh conditions. These measures may work temporarily on small scales but are impractical for large sand sheets, especially those with off-roading vehicles on them.

The DRI pilot study confirmed the Phase 2 Study and showed that at high wind speeds, the areas with off-roading caused twice as much airborne carcinogenic silica. While the rule being applied would take years, the “nuisance” rule could stop off-roading activities immediately. The APCD has not applied this rule because there is no “political will.”

In other words, the APCD board, which includes the Board of Supervisors, is dragging its feet, putting so-called economic interests ahead of public health.

Nell Langford

Pismo Beach

Great photo

What an excellent action shot, your photo by Joe Johnston of Jessica Chellsen! I don’t know either of these people but was struck by the action captured in this photo. Joe should get an award! And congratulations to Jessica for being back in the game.

Sheron Williams