Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 9/24

Why the ‘yes’ vote?

I think many of us would agree with Patrick Thomas’ statement, “I want to see ‘Made in the USA’ on the products that I buy” (Sept. 15).

In a related item in The Tribune, “How Your Lawmakers Voted” from the week ending Sept. 9, there was information on a vote to modify charter schools bill HR 2218 entitled “Made in America,” requiring the use of U.S. products in a bill funding the construction of charter schools in U.S. public education.

A “yes” vote was to kill a move to require the use of U.S. products. Kevin McCarthy voted “yes,” while Lois Capps voted “no.”

I called Rep. McCarthy’s office to find out why he didn’t support keeping that work here in this country since it certainly may inure to some of his working-class constituents’ benefit. I was told by his office that they can only tell us how he votes but not the reasoning behind his votes.

My guess is that he cares more about his corporate constituents’ interests (those that will be awarded the construction projects) than those of his working-class constituents (those that could be making those products). I hope that he will take the opportunity to explain why he voted the way he did.

Sharon McDaniel

Arroyo Grande

Boo, party pooper

To the neighbor who called the police to complain about the party on McCollum Street at 9:30 p.m. Sept. 17, I just thought you should know that the party was a gathering of students from the Christian group that my husband and I advise, and the entire point of the gathering was to provide a safe, nonalcoholic gathering for students. Students were chatting, but no loud music, and everyone was inside the house/yard, not in the streets.

Our student leaders had notified neighbors, SLOPD and campus police of the event beforehand.

Perhaps next time you could walk over and meet the neighbors and talk to them instead of just making an anonymous call.

And to the two officers who came: You checked the “alcohol” box on the disturbance report without even looking, asking or going into the party itself. I know this because I tried to talk to you outside, and you wouldn’t answer my questions — you in fact turned your backs rudely, returned to your car and left.

There was absolutely no alcohol, so I think it would be great for you not to jump to conclusions.

We were hoping for more support and understanding for a group trying to provide a safe, non-alcoholic party. Perhaps next year.

Gretchen Pappas

Associate campus director, Campus Crusade for Christ at Cal Poly

Prophetic Krugman

In response to Nancy DuVall’s letter of Sept. 22 regarding New York Times columnist Paul Krugman, I can only assume that Ms. DuVall does not hold a Nobel Prize for economics as Mr. Krugman does.

If she were to peruse Mr. Krugman’s columns from that past 10 years or so, I think she would find that virtually everything that he has written has come true.

I also think I can safely say that the reason that Mr. Krugman doesn’t leave the country, as she suggests, is because he loves his country and that he hates what it is becoming. Mr Krugman’s ideas are the solutions, not the problems as she suggests.

Mark Hoffman

San Luis Obispo