Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 9/22

Thanks for humor

The political cartoon (Sept. 21) showing the Clampetts leaving their solar-powered mansion in bankruptcy while the grandmother exclaims, “You sold our oil wells and bought into a solar company??” is amusing. It shows a great truth: the power of graven image to promote prejudice while the truth remains unprinted.

Of course, the cartoon refers to the Solyndra debacle that the Republicans are honing as a weapon against the Democrats in the coming election. However, consider these few inconvenient truths while you laugh at the cartoon:

1. The Solyndra loan began during the Bush administration — in 2007.

2. George W. Bush tried to push the loan through in the waning moments of his administration.

3. The loan comprises just 1.3 percent of the Department of Energy’s portfolio, its only failure.

4. So far, we export more solar products than we import; solar is a powerful jobs engine.

5. The Chinese are soundly thrashing us in renewable energy investments while American politicians obfuscate.

6. Whatever the Chinese do, the Earth is sick of us. The twin environmental horrors of hydraulic fracturing and the million-barrel-a-day Alberta pipeline have convinced Mother Earth that we need to go.

So, thanks for the humor, even if it is based on false premises.

Tom Neuhaus

San Luis Obispo

Krugman’s rubbish

Just seeing the Paul Krugman column in last week’s newspaper made my blood boil. The things this man writes are despicable. He speaks about our country as though he is ashamed of everything we stand for and regales the reader with his vile commentary about how America has failed, over and over again. How does he dream up this rubbish?

I just have one question. Why does he stay here? Why doesn’t he live wherever he finds those who agree with his views? Instead, he wants to change America. The thing that scares me the most about him is he is a teacher at one of our most prestigious universities and holds sway over so many young minds.

It’s also interesting how angry the liberals like Krugman appear to be. They are furious at the stupidity of the American public. We, hopefully, actually question the garbage he spews at us from your newspaper.

Nancy DuVall


Consultant unneeded

The San Luis Obispo City Council has been reporting on how financially strapped this city is, yet it is again hiring an expensive consultant to “search” for a police chief. It shows that, while so many families are having to deal with financial setbacks, this city still isn’t changing the way it does business in order to keep costs down for its residents.

This is a city of approximately 50,000 people, not a Los Angeles or San Francisco. The city administrator is paid more than $300,000, and that job used to include the hiring of city staff. It is not rocket science to place ads in the appropriate professional journals.

By the way, it should also be noted that some of the best candidates for this position should be right in our own police department. It is the responsibility of every department head to identify and train the best people in their departments to be able to take over in their absence.

Peg Pinard

Former mayor, San Luis Obispo

The pre-vote frenzy

There are more than 13 months to go before we actually go to vote!

What drives this frenzy? Is it the media needing any kind of news to fill 24 hours a day?

It is entirely possible that none of these candidates will even be around 12 months from now.

How much money will be spent? All of which could be put to better use to feed the families that have fallen below the poverty line in the past year. Or put to use in reducing the deficit, helping families that don’t have health insurance and doing the things that have made this country great, such as being No. 1 in education.

When will this nonsense end? Can we start a grassroots movement to amend the Constitution to cut the election period to three months?

How many other people are sick and tired of this? Perhaps if we all turn our televisions off when the debates are on, the networks will get the message that enough is enough. And while we are at it, make the presidency a six-year term so we don’t have to start campaigning the day after the president is elected. Too radical?

Denys Templeton


Proud to know them

Dear Nipomo: I am proud to call you my hometown. I am proud to have been a tiger, a stallion, a hawk and a titan. I am proud to have seen dirt roads turn paved, empty lots become developed and an amazing community flourish.

I am proud to have known Delaney Lemus and Matthew Will. I am proud of the support generated within our community during their battles.

As a community, we have lost two very brave individuals; two young adults who faced challenges the majority of us will never understand; two beautiful people with bright, promising futures ahead of them. In the face of adversity, they showed tremendous courage and strength.

I will never forget you both.

Delaney, you were a blessing as a friend and teammate. You had the ability to light up a room with your smile and laughter. Your heart was bigger than most.

Matt, you were an athlete and a comic. I am glad to have witnessed you develop from a small, rascally boy into a tall, handsome young man. You were one of my brother’s best friends, and for that I will be eternally grateful.

All my best to the families, friends and others who were blessed to have known these two wonderful individuals.

Erika Pirotte

Colorado Springs, Colo.

The rich giving back

Michael Moore and his ilk sure like to complain about the wealthiest Americans having too much, but I got to thinking about something that the rich do and very few people give them credit for and that is they donate a lot of money to charity ... I mean a lot.

Check out www.givingpledge.org to see and read the letters from the richest of the rich and what they are giving back.

Craig Kincaid

San Luis Obispo