Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 9/19

The damage done

To Councilman Andrew Carter: As I sit here, watching all the coverage the 10th anniversary of Sept. 11, particularly about the 343 firefighters who died that day, my emotions of admiration and pride for those who gave their lives turns to anger when I am reminded of how you have treated your firefighters.

Firefighters, no matter where they work, in New York, Oakland or here in San Luis Obispo, the “happiest city in America,” are all prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice. It is not just a job they chose to do; it’s a calling. Firefighters do not do it for the money or the glory but simply because they feel the need to help people.

Over the past several months, I have listened to you blame our fire department for the city’s financial hardships. You have taken away their rights to collective bargaining, which sadly will most likely lead to a reduced level of service for your citizens. You have succeeded in changing the way some people view firefighters: from heroes to public enemy No. 1.

It makes me almost physically sick to think of all the damage you have done that has not yet been felt by those who believe you. Shame on you.

DeAnn Montgomery

San Luis Obispo

Failing to protect us

Residents of Oceano and Nipomo attended the public hearing Air Pollution Control District (APCD) and State Parks held about the particulate matter (PM10) emissions from Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area. We clearly heard State Parks’ expert announce that the PM10 emission from the area on which driving is allowed is twice the amount of emissions from the area where driving is not allowed.

Unfortunately, we also clearly heard the APCD tell State Parks to go ahead and pollute our air for another four years while it figures out a way to stop polluting. That’s a mighty long time for us to be still breathing in PM10. The Off-Highway Vehicle Division of State Parks skims millions from our gasoline taxes to keep the Dunes polluting our air and fatten its bureaucrats. I guess that’s reason enough for State Parks to fight the shutting down of Oceano Dunes.

But why is the APCD failing to protect us? If protecting our health is the APCD’s duty and goal, then it would be reasonable and wise to shut down the polluting facility while it finds a way to stop polluting.

I suggest San Luis Obispo County impose a moratorium on Oceano Beach and Dunes driving activities as soon as possible.

Lucia Casalinuovo


Bag consequences

­Our current, liberal-leaning majority County Board of Supervisors (Jim Patterson, Adam Hill and Bruce Gibson) could soon vote to restrict stores from providing us with plastic bags for our groceries.

It seems our current local government wants to micromanage how we carry our food home.

What will be next? No more plastic packaging for our raw poultry, no Ziploc bags or any kind of plastic garbage bag?

If we are all forced by our county supervisors to carry into the stores our old, used bags, how do we know one of our neighbors doesn’t have a variety of insects hitchhiking in their bag? If old bags are stored in the trunk, do we know what else was dropped into that trunk and contaminated those used bags? Their dirty bags will rest on the checkout counter where your food will be next in line.

As is usually the case when a few government officials try to micromanage all of us, there are unintended consequences.

Madalyn McDaniel



It’s interesting that Zaf Iqbal in his letter (Sept. 12) discussing disparity of wealth in the United States uses Japan and European countries as examples for the United States to follow. The Japanese economy has been flat for many years, and Europe is plunging into economic disaster.

Richard Placak


Paso needs police

Today Paso Robles really needs our help. As a person who has written letters to the editor about gangs, traffic and community problems, I bring you this issue: Our community could really benefit from a strong insertion of police presence. We need to make yes mean yes and no mean no. We need to look at this so-called darn-near-paradise and funnel a little of this tourist money back into our community.

Our law enforcement proclamation should read, “Come and have fun, but if you fail to follow our laws, then you will pay.” Community included.

We need law enforcement that’s not being overwhelmed by things that should be dealt with by specialized officers, who can deal directly with the minor traffic infractions involving cellphones, seat belts, tailgaters and non-English-speaking violators.

Let our police officers deal with serious crimes. If you had a scanner, you would be outraged by the baloney our police officers have to deal with and the things they just do not have the time, energy or manpower to do. I realize it is costly, but it’s worth it.

Don Marteen

Paso Robles

Disturbing reaction

I read with a heavy heart the bickering with regard to the voters’ choice on Measures A and B.

I submit the following as a “simple fix” for the downward spiraling path to moral and financial ruin into which “the city” appears to be drifting: November 2012 is close at hand — get out and vote!

Derek Bishop

San Luis Obispo

Inaccurate weather

I’m beginning to wonder whether the person who reports the weather for The Tribune belongs to a chamber of commerce in a beach city other than Morro Bay. He or she certainly wants to scare the tourists away from the city behind the rock.

When it comes to Morro Bay, the weather keyboard seems to be stuck on 58 degrees. When is the temperature taken? Midnight? Admittedly, it is cool and often foggy in the summer months, usually in the mid-60s, but the high is seldom 58.

Wednesday was a case in point. It was a balmy 80 degrees, and everyone headed to the beach. Appropriately, the next morning The Tribune reported a heat wave: 63 degrees.

One can’t help but wonder whether there is a thermometer buried deep in a dark dank cave somewhere in the bowels of Morro Bay.

Tom Bauer

Morro Bay

Their fair share

The Tribune reports citizens of Paso Robles must contend with an “urgent upgrade” of their sewage facility (Sept. 5). We are told the sewage system is deteriorated, systems are failing and corrosion is evident everywhere. Additionally, the state will continue to fine the city for failing to meet state water standards.

Reportedly, a city goal in upgrading the plant is “economic stability,” which will be achieved by building a new facility requiring a significant increase in sewer rates.

I must add, this is after the citizens reluctantly accepted shouldering the cost of a water project that, at some point in the future, will provide drinkable water.

The corrosion described in the article could have been readily controlled by a routine maintenance program. I may be mistaken, but I believe the nitrate pollutant measure requiring this immediate action is the same state-mandated pollutant requirement currently being fought by our county supervisors as it applies to agricultural water runoff.

Why do we have a totally different response to the state mandate in our case?

It is clear that this effort (as well as the water project) is/was to facilitate growth. When will we require those who will benefit the most to shoulder their fair share?

William Tuck

Paso Robles

Attack on services

This letter is in response to the recent attack on homeless services, which I take personally as a volunteer, a supporter and believer in how hard the staff and volunteers work every day.

We desperately need a new facility; there is no question that we’re only as good as the services we provide, the solutions sought.

The emergence of animosity at this time is incredibly baffling, to the point of being unbelievable.

Peti Johnson

Los Osos

HPV vaccine protects

Parents are making claims about the HPV vaccine without any credible clinical proof.

Not only will this vaccine protect the children against cervical cancer, but it may also protect against a dangerous mutant cell wandering around in the circulatory system, as it is our immune system that sweeps up aberrant cells when it is healthy and/or stimulated.

Any safe injection will stimulate our immune system and help protect us from cancer.

Shirlene Gregory

Pismo Beach

Irksome outsourcing

People can’t get jobs, yet my husband saw a sign on a school bus parked outside a supermarket in Paso Robles advertising for bus drivers.

Next: Can we do away with outsourcing overseas to open up more jobs here?

I tried to make a motel reservation near Stanford Hospital. Imagine my chagrin to discover that the reservation service had been outsourced to India. What country, state, city, please? Even at that I had to spell Menlo Park. Nothing at the operator’s fingertips about specific accommodations. It was most irksome, and I disconnected because I also had some difficulty with the operator’s English.

An 800 number put me in contact with a very pleasant, helpful American on top of her game. Many of the motels close to Stanford were fully booked. She knew the area well and found accommodations for us in Redwood City at a senior discount rate, and she gave us the mileage between places. Such outsourcing “service” from India? Not likely!

If we the public would discourage companies from outsourcing overseas, there would be less unemployment in this country.

It’s all askew. Incredible! Outsourced to India for a motel reservation near Stanford Hospital ... right here in California, not Timbuktu!

Maisie Egger

Paso Robles

Are we racist now?

Recently we mailed a check to the tea party because my wife and I support their goals of low taxes, adherence to the Constitution and reduction of this insane spending that is going to destroy our nation.

So now we are racists, terrorists, homophobes, etc.

As to being racists, we have been in an interracial marriage for 54 years and will continue to be until the end of eternity. Amongst our nearest and dearest friends are people of all races.

Homophobes? It would really anger our gay and lesbian friends to hear their Aunty and Unc called homophobes.

All of the names people call tea party members are silly. No one we know wants to do any of the vile things we are accused of.

If it makes you feel better calling us hateful names, at least tell us why. What have we done to be told to “Go to hell” by a congresswoman?

You, dear reader, can help raise the level of discourse in this county by avoiding the hysterical rants I have read in this paper.

Paul Allen

Morro Bay