Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 9/15

Asserting identity

I read with interest the entire Sept. 11 special section, including the article, “Asserting their identity.” I have always taught my children to respect and tolerate people with beliefs different from ours, and that most Muslims are as interested in peace and equality as we are.

If I can believe this article, I need to revise my opinions. In the entire article, there was not one sentence in which the Muslims interviewed indicated the least concern or sympathy for victims of Sept. 11 or other Muslim-led terrorist acts.

Every quote emphasized the Muslims’ desires to “voice their frustration” and “outrage” at the “negative policies” and their assumptions of other Americans’ attitudes. The article describes a teenager’s mother encouraging him to “throw it back in their face” — to return perceived insults with venom rather than peaceful alternatives.

It seems we must believe the quote on Page 3 from C. Lee Hanson, who lost three relatives on Sept. 11, who said Muslims wanted to build a mosque near Ground Zero “to show conquest, domination, and humiliation of their enemies.”

It appears from these articles that many Muslims are indeed mostly interested in “asserting their identity” rather than demonstrating respect, concern or tolerance for, or interest in, peaceful co-existence with people of other beliefs.

Jennifer Ferber

Arroyo Grande


One of the most baffling thoughts, regarding Sept. 11 must be the public’s denial that there was another explanation. This situation has all the makings of a religious doctrine, that the Sept. 11 Commission’s report must be taken as dogma.

There is, however, another interpretation, one that is advocated by a number of concerned engineers, physicists, architects and other technicians who have a completely different interpretation as to what and how it all happened.

There is also that which is basic in our country that we are a country of laws and that before a decision is reached all aspects before the court must be given full hearing.

This the Sept. 11 Commission did not do; it reviewed only one interpretation of what happened on that grim day. The number of conflicting coincidences is astounding from the lack of surveillance by FAA to the fact that no steel-framed skyscraper has been brought down by fire in the history of architecture.

Also, there is the disturbing question of why did the Bush administration refuse to conduct any investigation until public outcry demanded it? The most reasonable conclusion must be that another investigation is in order. 

W.R. Cole

Arroyo Grande

Homer at the switch

Oh, no. Apparently Homer Simpson has moved once again from the Springfield nuclear power plant to Yuma. How can one person cause a blackout for so many? I think perhaps Bart could do as good a job as Homer.

Patrick Thomas

Pismo Beach