Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 9/8

Withdrawing support

I’ll not be renewing my dollar-a-day KCBX subscription this year.

I’m tired of supporting the sponsor advertising they’re increasingly giving away under the cover of community service announcements.

My particular complaint: I’ve always liked listening to Sonnie Brown’s Saturday show, at least until the beginning of this year, when she began shifting her airtime from mostly recorded music to mostly live interviews with groups of “singer songwriters” who are playing locally.

These interviews are consisting more than they should of talk about immediate upcoming gigs — including where, when and, nine times out of 10, who is the wonderful venue operator of where they’ll be performing. That last is most irksome to me because, nine times out of those 10, that wonderful venue operator is a winery. At least three times out of those 10, that winery is one of the ones in my neighborhood whose noise and commotion I have to tolerate.

The same thing has been happening on her “Community Calendar” spot. How does announcing the particulars of a live entertainment event that a profit-making winery will present, including the terms of payment, qualify as a community service?

Tell Larry Rutter, whom I’ve always enjoyed and supported, that I’m sorry.

Brad Frederic

Paso Robles

Respect their right

I get so disgusted with Democrats who must play the race card (Letters, Sept. 2) whenever there is dissent against President Obama.

I don’t care if the president is green or purple;

I still reserve the right as an American to criticize his policies. I also believe this is the aim of the tea party members, who are constantly maligned by the press and liberal Democrats when they choose to protest where this country is headed.

This is their right under the Constitution of the United States, and I respect their right to protest.

Edith Welter


Biggest year yet

When the dahlia was selected by the Morro Bay City Council as the city flower in the mid-1960s, there were thousands of people who attended the events, which included a parade with a “Dahlia Queen.” Six years ago, a small gathering on the patio of the library revived the tradition of celebrating the city flower. While we have not yet reached the same number of celebrants as in the ’60s, we are growing larger every year.

This year was our biggest yet. Thanks for the support of the city, especially Joe Woods at Recreation and Parks, and Fundraiser Follies helping to provide the facility. The new Volunteer Tree Committee helped celebrate the cypress, our new city tree.

The event would not have been the same without the Morro Bay Art Association, which lent their easels for display. The Floral Design Study Club, a club devoted to floral arranging, provided designs.

Also displaying were the Morro Bay 4-H, the local District of California Garden Clubs, the Volunteer Tree Committee, and the Master Gardeners of SLO County, who brought their informative computerized kiosk. The chamber of commerce and Garden Club’s own Carol Norton did a wonderful job helping with advertising.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this a truly community project.

Nancy Johnson

Morro Bay Garden Club

In it for them

It’s sad to say that the politicians of today are more concerned with promoting their own party and attacking all others rather than serving the people who elected them.

No one wants to hear any more excuses why the unemployment rate is still over 9 percent because nothing is getting done in Washington. Some of you will remember that years ago President Gerald Ford encouraged people to wear “WIN” buttons for “Whip Inflation Now.” Regretfully, it is now time to distribute “LOSE” buttons for “Legislators Only Seek Election”!

Dave Brooks

Avila Beach

What he knows

There’s an old saying that people who write should write about what they know.

It appears Charles Krauthammer has finally learned that lesson with his “The best show in town” commentary (Sept. 2) regarding the Washington Nationals baseball team. Perhaps now he can take his nonsense to Sports Illustrated.

Richard Mortensen

San Luis Obispo