Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 9/6

Cost of carelessness

The Tribune article by Joe Tarica commenting on the high cost of an emergency room visit was a worthy commentary (Aug. 20), but on some reflection, that ER visit was a real bargain when it comes to life’s lessons.

The usual instructions that come with power equipment suggest the operator wear heavy protective clothing, steel-toed boots (or at least proper shoes) as well as safety glasses. In other words, dress for the task at hand.

If the good Mrs. Animal Doctor was not wearing the proper attire, including safety glasses, she was lucky that a more serious injury did not occur. A possible eye injury would have elevated the costs of that visit to a level far greater than a mere $778.43. In retrospect, the ER visit was a relative bargain compared to what could have been.

Common sense is free, but careless behavior can be very costly.

Jerome Kapacinskas

Arroyo Grande

The big bag change

When I was visiting my mother-in-law in Los Osos about a month ago, I read with great interest about changing the way we think concerning plastic bags and the grocery store.

I am proud that we did it on Maui. We no longer use plastic bags to carry our groceries in. We have changed the way we do things and made one huge step toward real change.

Plastic is choking our planet. You can do it, SLO! We did it on Maui. You go, people: Dare to make the change for your planet.

Rebecca Stansberry

Maui, Hawaii

Socialist steps

Someone once said: The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism, but under the name of liberalism they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation without knowing how it happened.

Now, America, if this statement was indeed said, be honest with yourself and decide where we stand as a nation. I do not like what I see in America.

Harold Glasco

Paso Robles

Catholic conscience

The Rev. Roy Bourgeois, the nationally known Maryknoll priest who founded the School of the Americas Watch, is facing expulsion from the Maryknoll Fathers and laicization by the Vatican.

His offense? Roy attended and gave the homily at a Roman Catholic ordination for a female priest. This act was seen by the church hierarchy as defiance to the church’s segregation policy against women becoming ordained ministers of God.

The Vatican demanded he recant his belief. Roy refuses to recant based on the foundational grounds of the Catholic teachings and cites in support of this Pope Benedict XVI’s writing, when he was Archbishop Joseph Ratzinger, stating: “Over the pope ... there still stands one’s own conscience, which must be obeyed before all else, if necessary, even against the requirement of ecclesiastical authority.”

When we begin not to listen to our conscience, we are in very deep trouble. But, this is exactly what the Vatican is demanding.

As a Catholic, I support Bourgeois; he is a blessing to humanity and the Catholic Church, and I look forward to the day when female ordained priests deliver the Eucharist.

Jesus wept.

Craig Kelso

Paso Robles

Recreation spending

As our nation and Congress begin to talk seriously about which programs will be on the chopping block, we need to reassess the cost and economic benefits of those things that receive federal dollars. We need to invest in programs that will create jobs for our country. The outdoor recreation sector is one such thing. Not only is outdoor recreation something that every one of us can enjoy, but it pumps $730 billion into our economy every year, $239 billion of which is direct retail sales. Outdoor recreation also generates $88 billion annually in federal and state tax revenue. This is clearly money that can be used to balance our budgets.

Tourism is one of San Luis Obispo County’s top industries. Tourism generates $1.1 billion in travel expenditures, resulting in an estimated $66.4 million in state and local tax revenues.

One thing we can all agree on is that job creation should be one of our country’s top priorities. Investing in our public lands supports 6.5 million jobs directly related to recreation. Outdoor recreation also has the potential to easily create an additional 100,000 to 200,000 U.S. jobs with continued investment; these jobs are based in tourism and natural resources and therefore cannot be exported, making it something that needs to be protected and expanded, not cut.

Don Melin

Santa Margarita

A local priority

Why is it that the state proposes to fund scholarships and financial aid for illegal immigrants, yet our local schools have to hold fundraisers to keep their sports programs alive?

Tom Platz

Paso Robles

A little too ‘green’

A recent notice I received indicated that the county and its cities may buy into the idea of the greening of California just like San Francisco without proper science to back their decision. The frightening aspect of the article was that it stated the change away from plastic bags is being pursued by the San Luis Obispo County Integrated Waste Management Authority.

This is just another fee (expense) passed on to the consumer at a time when government should be concerned with how to soften the bad effects of this current financial-, employment- and energy-impaired economy. Also, how can charging me for the bag or causing me to purchase other bags do anything for the environment unless I choose to use a reusable bag?

I encourage the requirement of recycling containers maintained by the store, but this would be the extent of my “greening.”

Steve Forst


Citizens first

Many Americans are losing their jobs and their homes, and some are sleeping in their cars or under bridges. Unaccounted others are without health care. All this is occurring while we coddle illegal immigrants.

Our leaders insist that we should provide food, shelter and health care for those thousands who are here illegally. Now, our state wants to provide state-funded scholarships to college, paid for by legal U.S. citizens.

I strongly object to this political hijacking of the state treasury. I dare the governor to put this issue before the voters. The first priority of any country is to care for the citizens.

H.D. Burson


Some questions

I’m all questions. Why is it cool in America to be anti-science? Anti-education? To ignore what science says about global warming? To confuse democracy with capitalism?

Wasn’t the original Boston Tea Party a revolt against the East India Company? A corporation? A powerful monopoly? And how did corporations in America become “persons?”

When did white evangelical churches start turning Republican? July 2, 1964, when the Civil Rights Act became law?

By the way, who are the white “Teapublicans” trying to “take our country” back from?

How did the Sept. 11 massacre — a massive failure to protect America — get turned into being “strong on defense?”

Why would we elect people to Congress who sign pledges to groups? Aren’t pledges to outside organizations a violation of public trust?

By the way, without our government, would we have gone to the moon? Built the Hubble Space Telescope? Had that wonderful view of our own beautiful blue planet? Or would we just be another failed state, like Somalia?

Jim Carlisle


Great ideas

Conservatives’ ideas to shrink government by reducing population: (1) Privatize Social Security and Medicare or get rid of them altogether! (2) Don’t allow the EPA to regulate air and water polluters or get rid of the agency altogether! (3) Undercut gun-control laws or get rid of them altogether! (4) Let Texas and Alaska secede from the U.S.!

Helen Anderson

San Luis Obispo