Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 9/2

Dangerous walkways

There is danger on walkways near Longbranch Avenue and 13th Street. Why doesn’t Grover Beach comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act? At this corner they recently did roadwork and paved part of the street, leaving some of it undone. Also at the corner they left a 1-foot drop or hole with no cones or barricade, so anyone could fall in and break a leg or worse.

Children cross there every day to go to school, and seniors walk around the block with canes. If someone were in a wheelchair, he or she would fall in. Why don’t they at least fill in that hole that they made and fix that corner or put in sidewalks like they did across the street and make it accessible for someone with a wheelchair, cane, or a child to cross there with out getting injured?

Roberta Danio

Grover Beach

Where to cut from?

In your Aug. 31 paper, a headline read: “$60 billion wasted, war panel says.” Just below that, “Battle over FEMA aid brewing in Congress.” According to Eric Cantor, R-Va., any relief spending on hurricane damage from Irene must be offset. Somehow. From somewhere.

What cuts do Mr. Cantor and other tea partiers think would make sense and be fair? Unemployment insurance, Medicaid, COBRA and education? Probably. The Pentagon? Not likely.

Christine Ahern

Los Osos

Vile rhetoric

I believe in limited smaller government, fewer regulations and a government that does not spend more than it takes in. I believe in the rights guaranteed by the Constitution. I believe in taking care of my own health care needs and that everyone should pay their share of the federal tax burden. Therefore, I am compelled to contribute to the tea party.

For my support of the tea party, Democrat Sen. Harry Reid says I am a hostage taker, and Democrat Congresswoman Maxine Waters, in a speech to fellow Democrats, said, “The tea party can go straight to hell.” That sounds like a threat.

Now would be a good time for President Obama and Congresswoman Lois Capps to show some leadership and condemn this vile Democratic rhetoric.

Ralph Bush

Arroyo Grande

Loyal and forgetful

The Rev. Strickland and Jared Sharon in their recent letters to the editor are portraying Israel as the victim (as usual) and the Palestinians as the villains (as usual), in the decades-long struggle that has seen Israel annex more and more Palestinian land.

I have always wondered why Americans are such immovable allies of Israel. It must be latent guilt for their similar and sad history. Both nations were founded by subjugating, annihilating, marginalizing and demonizing their respective native populations.

I am sure that the Rev. Strickland would not want to give up her property to Native Americans though they may be the rightful owners, just as much as Jared Sharon would not want any Palestinian to share the soils sogenerously donated to the world’s Jews by the British with the approval of the United States (which, incidentally did not want them here).

Negotiating? Compromise? Israel does not need to do either, and it has demonstrated this repeatedly by occupying and building new settlements in Palestinian lands. Israel does not need to compromise. Israel is with Uncle Sam and has a very loyal and forgetful American following.

Joseph Codispoti

Paso Robles

Replace benches

After the rockwork in the approach to the Pismo Beach Pier was installed, the benches between the tables were never replaced. Where have they gone?

We need benches to view the ocean; those on the pier are set even with the fence railing, which blocks the view of the water.

Please replace those great donated memorial benches that were between the tables in memory of loved ones.

Harriett Garrett

Pismo Beach

Dumbed down

For many years our students have been dumbed down by the schools teaching five days a week. Maybe an extra day away from schools will produce a big improvement.

Glenn Ballinger

Paso Robles

Driving them nuts

In the Aug. 28 Tribune, there was an article entitled “Tea Party Express starts its journey in Napa.” In this piece, along with the usual tea-partier blather about “taking America back,” a man says, “We’re controlled by the political elites.”

Not really. This poor soul is instead controlled by his corporate masters like the notorious billionaire polluters, the Koch brothers, who are the primary financial backers of this ugly movement.

Another woman states, “We have to get God back in the country.” Give me a break! This lady is oblivious to the fact that the creepy writings of atheist, social Darwinist Ayn Rand are virtual holy writ to tea party, GOP and Libertarian idealogues. Rand’s philosophy exalting greed, power and selfishness is embraced openly by many figures on the right.

Before Ayn Rand killed herself via cigarettes, she accepted “entitlements” like Social Security and Medicare checks, so we can add hypocrisy to her unpleasant legacy. This is notable considering how she claimed that the old, the disabled, the sick and the poor were “a drain on society.” This ideology naturally resonates with Republican/tea party corporatists.

All this aside, I know the tea party only exists because so many malcontents can’t deal with a biracial man with a foreign-sounding name in the White House. It’s what’s been driving them nuts from day one.

Jay Bonestell

Los Osos