Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 8/31

Can’t stop it

I haven’t always had much of an opinion on illegal immigration to the United States. I have normally agreed with the adults in my life that it is wrong, the border needs to be more secure, etc. This year, I read “Enrique’s Journey” by Sonia Nazario, and it opened my eyes.

After reading about what drives these people to leave their homes for America and what they go through, my opinion on immigration changed.

Each year, 700,000 immigrants enter the United States illegally, 48,000 of them children, and many more attempt the journey and are either deported or even killed.

When reading this work of nonfiction, I realized that even though illegal immigration isn’t right, it is practically impossible to stop, and even though the government could make it an easier and quicker process to move to the United States, people are always going to attempt to cross the border illegally.

Delaney Drake

Paso Robles High School

What do we pay?

Your recent article on the Sept. 11 tragedy brings into focus the country’s incredible knee-jerk reaction to the event. Trusting people gave millions of dollars to provide support and comfort to those killed and injured.

In addition, the government set up a fund to do the same and provide protection for the airlines. The average payout to the victims was about $1.8 million per victim. Assuming that at least some of the millions collected by the charities went to the victim’s families, each received in the vicinity of $2 million.

What do we pay the families of those killed in the resulting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Ron Helgerson


A unique service

I’m not happy with the Board of Supervisors of the “Happiest City in America.” Dan De Vaul is providing a service no one else is doing to help the homeless. Forcing people away from his facility where they get food, shelter, acceptance and guidance is a blatant disregard for the human plight.

Bill Geibel


Money poorly spent

Shame on SLO County! You have a man who is willing to house and feed people who are down and in need there, but for God’s graces go the rest of us. Instead of working with Dan De Vaul or creating a similar facility, the county has gone after Sunny Acres with a vengeance.

For the money the county has spent in “investigations,” water testing, removal and return of legal vehicles, etc., the issue that matters — aiding hungry, homeless people — could have reached a satisfactory resolution. The county could have brought in plumbers and electricians to bring Sunny Acres’ facilities up to code.

Dan De Vaul could have been assisted in his attempt to help those who are less fortunate.

Instead, the people from Sunny Acres will be turned out in our county to what? Sleep under bridges, rummage through trash for food? The county has behaved badly. The reasoning that De Vaul has been noncompliant all these years is a poor excuse for putting people out in the streets.

Beverly Holt


Greatest victims

In September, Mahmoud Abbas is scheduled to demand statehood for Palestine by unilateral action of the United Nations and with the indefensible borders that existed in 1948, after seven Arab League nations invaded Israel, borders which were substantially more restrictive than those authorized by U.N. action in 1947.

The strategy of Iran-supported terrorist “party” Hamas, the true controlling party in Palestine, is now obvious: to provoke Israel into massive retaliation for attacks which Hamas has made in recent weeks. Without provocation, Hamas has sent terrorist bombers and more than 1,000 missiles aimed directly at Israeli civilians, causing numerous fatalities and driving people into bomb shelters with their incessant attacks.

The Palestinian Authority should be condemned for these actions by the United Nations, and, indeed, our own administration. The creation of a Palestinian state should be as a result of direct negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

In addition to Israeli victims, the greatest victims of Hamas-Palestinian attacks are the Palestinian people themselves. Instead of focusing on improved education, medical services and job development, their leaders focus on the maniacal obsession of simply driving out all Jews in the Middle East by deadly force.

Jared B. Sharon

Arroyo Grande

Something to ban

Ban paper/plastic bags at stores, ban flat sheets at motels, ban Styrofoam at restaurants, the list is endless ... is it any wonder our state is in such a mess? I have one to add to the list: Ban stupid politicians.

Jody Langford


Revitalize our base

If those in the 1 percent of the population that hold 35 percent of the nation’s wealth are the “job creators,” then where are the jobs? (“Not enough people have enough money,” Aug. 25). Not happening, no demand, no supply, just lots of greed, and you can’t legislate against that, apparently.

As a partial solution to the painfully slow economic recovery, I would like to point out that it is our government’s constitutional responsibility to “promote a more perfect Union ... to promote the general Welfare ... to ourselves and our Posterity.”

So, absent the support of the top 1 percent, it still remains the obligation of the government to invest in our economic recovery.

Why isn’t is a requirement that all purchases made by and for the government — from Army berets, computers, cars and our servicemen and women’s uniforms, etc., be made in the United States? We just might have to revitalize our manufacturing base.

Mary Kay Ghiglia

San Luis Obispo

Signed on to serve

My heart is just breaking as I hear stories of firefighters and police being “cursed at” and “flipped off” as they work around the city. What has happened to the citizens of SLO? Why so angry?

Do you even know these men and women who serve you? I do. They are dedicated and take what they do very seriously. Most of them were fully aware they would miss birthdays, Christmases, weddings and graduations. They signed on to serve.

I am sure what they didn’t expect was to be treated like the enemy. I am very proud to say I grew up as a firefighter’s daughter. My stepson is a sheriff. My brother, nephew and cousins are all in the fire service.

I know the stories and can’t imagine doing what they do. As mentioned by others in previous editorials, it is a calling, and I am glad they answered this call. Please try to remember what they do and treat them with respect.

Sharyn Malizia