Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 8/30

Specious argument

As an editor of the Albany Times Union, Rex Smith (Commentary, Aug. 25) would know better than to promulgate such pap as his class-warfare rhetoric.

The economy is in trouble, yes. But it isn’t because wealth is concentrated in the hands of the few. This specious argument about the gap between wealthy and “poor” is a red herring. This is not a zero-sum game where, like a pie, it is finite. New wealth is being created every day by entrepreneurs, not by taking it from one person (this is theft) and giving it to another (“redistribution”).

The policies of FDR kept us in the Great Depression for longer than we had to be. And the trillions of dollars spent on the Great Society programs of LBJ have wreaked havoc in generations of dependency.

Mary Cook


Tomatoes galore

­The voting table at the UCCE Master Gardeners’ Tomato Extravaganza was a flurry of activity, as everyone wanted their vote to count in the “People’s Choice” category. Each hour, participants voted on their favorite varieties of tomato and basil. The heirloom cherry tomato Black Cherry was the winner for three hours, with Cherokee Purple winning the last hour. The basil field was a little more diverse — Genovese won two slots, with Thai Queenette and Lime each receiving one slot of the People’s Choice award.

Many heartfelt thanks go to our co-participants: Achievement House, California Rare Fruit Growers, Fat Cat Farm, Thomas Hills Organic Farms, and Tutti Frutti Farms! Special thanks go to The Tribune and other media for getting awareness of our event out to the community. We enjoyed seeing several hundred people enjoying our Garden of the Seven Sisters demonstration garden while enjoying the events of the day.

Although we do only one tomato tasting a year, it is part of the our monthly Advice to Grow By workshops held every third Saturday in the Demo Garden, near Johnson and Bishop. Come out, listen to the speaker, then amble around the garden and dream of those tomatoes you’ll be planting next year. Next year’s Tomato Extravaganza is scheduled for Saturday, Aug. 20, 2012!

Nell Wade

Arroyo Grande

Pleasure to watch

The Oceano Community Services District board meetings have, at times, been known to offer some lively, colorful and spirited public discussions, often at the expense of achieving results in a timely manner.

But this most recent board meeting did not display any of that. Through strict adherence to parliamentary procedures, including timed public response periods, the OCSD board, with assistance from staff and its new interim manager, took control and roped in what at times had seemed like a reality show.

The result was a surprisingly efficient, professional, well-run public forum that benefited all parties involved. I wish to share this compliment with them: “It is a pleasure to watch people work that know their business.”

Mike Dacey

Pismo Beach