Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 8/25

Have your say

Time is closing in and many SLO city citizens have not yet submitted their mail-in ballots. Please do take the time to make an informed decision, mark the boxes of your choice and be sure the ballot is at the County Clerk’s Office by 8 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 30 (not the last day of the month).

However you vote, do think about who you want to make major decisions for our city. Your choice should be you and all the people who live here. You elect people to represent your interests and you have the opportunity to interact with the City Council you elect.

Or, you could shirk your responsibility as a citizen and let some outsiders who don’t know us decide how limited resources should be spent, and their decision stands. Change that by marking the “yes” box on Measure B.

Measure A merely asks voters to remove a provision in the City Charter (the city constitution) that handicaps the council in pension matters. Here, too, you always have the ability to have your say in open hearings and many forms of communication. Mark the “yes on A” box and get that ballot on its way.

GlennaDeane Dovey

San Luis Obispo

Krauthammer miss

I’m still fuming about Krauthammer’s Aug. 19 commentary. The way he sees it, President Obama is making slanderous comments about congressional Republicans while the Republicans are “trying to promote the public good ” and the president doesn’t give them credit for that! (Boo-Hoooo!) Is Krauthammer walking around with a 3-inch thick woolen blindfold and with wooden plugs in his ears?

What I see and hear from congressional Republicans is that they want to get rid of Obama at all cost. They obstinately refuse to negotiate with him on anything. While he, on the other hand, has been leaning backwards to appease them to his detriment with his own party.

I hear them in legislative session calling him a liar. I see the Republicans willing to take the country to the brink of another recession!

Sorry, Charles. You missed it completely or else your opinions are fogged up and full of holes.

J.M. Avila

Grover Beach

Nonperson fixation

It was so refreshing to read two letters to the editor that rang a bell with me. Bravo, Patti and Edna. I, too, am an “elderly” citizen who cannot understand America’s fixation on “nonpersons.”

Paris Hilton? Jennifer Aniston, the B movie star and her ever-enduring love of the month? Lindsay Lohan and her latest rehab adventure?

But I think I can tell you why there are so many “reality” shows. Producers love them. Production costs consist of paying some nincompoops to show up and try to be America’s next great singer, dancer, skater, you name it.

And lastly, Edna, Tom Selleck is now starring in a non-reality series, “Blue Bloods.” You’ll love it; I do.

David Sumi

San Luis Obispo

Conflict of interest

Media coverage as the Board of Supervisors redraw its own election districts for the coming decade has missed the crucial defect in the process. Templeton is right to complain that its division deprives that community of the ability to influence any supervisor.

This pales in comparison to the way supervisors have diluted the vote of the oldest and largest incorporated city in the county (San Luis Obispo), splitting it three ways in their map. By itself, San Luis Obispo’s population nearly equals the population of one supervisory district.

Representation of voters is most faithful when districts are created based on communities of interest in compact, geographically sensible ways, without regard to who currently holds the elective office. The community of interest of citizens living in the same incorporated city is as strong as it gets when judging which voters should be grouped together in one district.

There is no reason that each city in this county cannot be nested wholly within one supervisory district. Yet county staff reported in preliminary workshops that our current supervisors specifically instructed them against placing San Luis Obispo in one district.

Those elected to represent us should not draw their own districts. The conflict of interest created by this practice is too great for even good people to resist. County voters should consider creating the county’s own Citizens’ Redistricting Commission.

Stew Jenkins

San Luis Obispo