Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 7/30

Loyal opposition

The Obama administration was duly elected just two years ago, by substantial margins. Yet, the Republicans in Congress, as well as their media gurus, have declared that their single mission is to destroy the Obama presidency.

This is sabotage, if not treason. Our two-party system requires opposition, but loyal opposition. When the opposition’s policy is to destroy the national leadership, it is futile if not suicidal to seek compromise. At the same time, thanks to the Supreme Court’s decision that the big bucks of free speech trump the ideal of “one person, one vote,” Wall Street retains its stranglehold on American “democracy.”

One possible solution to our present predicament would be televise negotiations between the administration and leaders from both houses of Congress. Let those of us who still cling to the hope that our right to vote means anything see how our elected leaders behave when the chips are down.

Bert Bender


Biblical justification?

Patriotic duty can be difficult, but my conscience cannot rest since I learned about this online today: Recent news released by the Freedom of Information Act, as requested by the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, discloses that Air Force officers’ training includes an obligatory PowerPoint presentation instructing trainees that, based on biblical justifications, nuclear war is justifiable.

Officer trainees based at Vandenberg Air Force Base are receiving this instruction. Trainees receiving this indoctrination are to be sent to guard intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Not surprisingly, people revealing this information wish to remain anonymous. So far, questions submitted to Vandenberg have remained unanswered. Check it out.

Jean Gerard


Activity shortage

While the California Mid-State Fair offers great entertainment and many wonderful activities for most age groups, they are lacking in activities for seniors on “Senior Day.” On Senior Day, the gates open early at 10 a.m., and seniors get $2 off their entrance fee. But fair advertisements do not state that there is no entertainment at that time, and commercial buildings and food booths do not open until regular fair hours at noon.

Many seniors come early and attend Senior Day in the morning to avoid the heat, but then wander around with nothing to do, eat or drink until the fair gets started at noon. If a Senior Day is scheduled for next year’s fair, I encourage organizers to better program for that age group.

Joan Ponza

Pismo Beach