Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 7/29

Two good things

The notice about the $500,000 grant to the Community Health Centers of the Central Coast didn’t give enough attention to the source of this money. It’s part of the federal health care reform law, or “Obamacare.”

For all of you who want to repeal this program, please note that these funds will be used to help CHC buy and outfit two new mobile service vans, one for primary care and the other for pediatric dental services, according to Lois Capps, who I’m sure was instrumental in getting these funds for us. So, we’ll be getting new vans, we’ll need more staff (i.e. new jobs) and we’ll be able to provide care to a lot more children. This is a good thing all the way around.

And for all of you who said the stimulus program was worthless, please look at the progress on the Willow Road Interchange project. It’s moving along at an amazing pace; there are people at work, helping our communities and contributing to our economy. Again, a good thing all the way around.

Alice Appel

Arroyo Grande

Let’s regain control

My wife and I are doing something we have never done before — walking door-to-door in San Luis Obispo soliciting support for a ballot measure. We are putting our money, our time and our energy into backing Measures A and B in hopes of rescuing our city from the fate that drove Vallejo bankrupt.

I am not anti-law enforcement. I have served in that profession. I am not anti-union. I have been a member of several. But I am pro-San Luis Obispo and want to have our taxpayers and our elected officials — not some appointed arbitrator from San Francisco — in charge of the city’s financial destiny.

During the economic crisis in 2008, when many in our community lost their pensions, or were laid off or furloughed, an out-of-town arbitrator awarded our local police salary increases up to 57 percent, making them among the highest paid in the entire country, even more than their colleagues in Los Angeles or New York City.

Let’s regain control of our community. Vote yes on Measures A and B.

C.R. McKibbin

San Luis Obispo

Find a place

I recently became homeless. I’m a single mom of three. I freaked out and didn’t know what to do.

Then I was referred to Community Action Partnership. There I met the most kindhearted, helpful, selfless man I have ever met, Andrew Anderson. He helped my kids and me right away. He found a nice shelter in San Luis Obispo for us to stay. Every week, we met and talked about how I was doing and set goals to help myself. Then, after a few months, Andrew got me in Section 8.

Thanks to people like Andrew, my kids and I will not be homeless anymore.

I think the community of Five Cities should find a place in our town to host some our homeless families. It was really hard to take my kids to San Luis Obispo and back every day so they could got to school and I could go to work. We need a church or something that opens up its doors to the homeless parents and kids in our town.

Christine Whitney