Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: Students sound off on SLO issues

Editor’s note: Students in Steve Click’s fourth-grade summer school class at C.L. Smith Elementary in San Luis Obispo wrote Letters to the Editor for an assignment. Here are some of them:

Less school days

We want to have less school days so kids could enjoy having more fun time with their families.

1. We think that we need less school days so kids can go with their families to more water parks.

2. They can go ride bikes, skateboard with a helmet for safety, and go with their whole family.

3. They could sign up to play any kind of sports.

4. Principals and teachers can get more vacations while students are playing sports.

Please contact your kid’s principal to have less school days.

Jose and others

San Luis Obispo

More water parks

We think there should be more water parks in San Luis Obispo.

We should tear down Laguna Lake and build it into a giant water park because it’s the perfect location in the middle of town. Another reason is that it’s summer and kids could go with their families and have fun. People waste more gas driving to faraway water parks instead of having a water park in San Luis Obispo.

Now please help us convince people who work at the Laguna Lake to make it into a water park.

Kahlil, Evelyn and others

San Luis Obispo

Animal protection

We think that there should be more animal adoption sites, as in Wood’s Humane Society shelter where they keep the animals until they’re adopted.

We think that people should adopt more animals because pets don’t have homes. We think that people should keep the animals and not put them down. We think that there should be more adoption sites, because too many animals are put down.

You can help by building more adoption sites for animals. And, you could help by having a fundraiser to help run them. Please help.

Rochelle, Karina, Shantal and Roxanna

San Luis Obispo

More sports parks

We think we should have more multi-sports parks in San Luis Obispo.

The first reason is that families need more places to go. A second reason is that if we have more parks, we can walk more and not have to drive. That’s more exercise and less driving. A third reason is if we have more parks we can make more friends. A last reason is that constructing more parks means more jobs.

You can help us by telling the mayor to make more multi-sport parks.

Jacob and others

San Luis Obispo

Safety at school

We think there should be more safety at schools, like no bullying.

One reason is that students will get hurt if there is no safety at school. We need more teachers around school during recess, which means more students will be safe. If students follow the rules better, there will be less bullying. If buses come earlier to schools all the kids will be safe.

Help! You should tell your kid’s principal that there should be more rules. Also, let your kid bring a cell phone to school and keep it on vibrate at all times.

Carina, Stephen, Danielle and Hector

San Luis Obispo

More outside time

We believe that there should be more outside time to play rather than staying inside playing video games.

What you learn at school is forgotten when you play video games every day. It’s good for kids to stay active and healthy than to stay inside all day. Kids should play outside more often, including playing soccer and other sports, rather than playing video games.

Parents should have a time limit for their children on when to stop playing video games, and also give them time to play outside.

Samantha, Eli, Alan and others

San Luis Obispo

More theme parks

San Luis Obispo should build theme parks for kids and their families. San Luis needs more excitement here!

In our opinion, we should build theme parks because people could get more jobs and they could earn money. There should be extreme water rides. There should be a ride that puts you 55 stories but then drops you. There’s not a lot of excitement in San Luis. We could save money with less cost of gasoline because the theme park will be closer.

The county of San Luis Obispo should earn money for a theme park. Please help!

Alex and others

San Luis Obispo