Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 7/26

We, the invaders

The other day, I received a solicitation from “Disabled Veterans National Foundation, Inc.” with a free patriotic T-shirt and tote bag.

There was a request that I send money to support these veterans, who had risked their lives to keep us free. To my knowledge, the last time we were under any threat of invasion was during World War II, and in my opinion this was the last time anyone risked their lives to keep us free. In all the wars we have been involved in since then, we have been the invaders—all based on very questionable provocations. I, like many people in this country, have opposed these military misadventures and feel that the people that have fought in them are victims, not heroes.

The letter described a particular disabled veteran who was homeless and had been living in his car until it was impounded by the police while he was at a Veterans Administration office on some business. Now he has lost all of his personal possessions, which were in the car.

I conclude from this that even our government does not consider them heroes. What a shame. This does not make me proud.

John M. Gault

Los Osos

Live simply

Warren Buffet was recently on “NBC’s Nightly News” online, and he said if Republicans take us any closer to the debt ceiling deadline — it is insanity on their part and also extremely immature.

He also said we need to raise revenues to solve this Great Recession.

Mr. Buffet’s statement goes against the pledge that tea party congressional leaders have signed for Grover Norquist’s “Americans for Tax Reform” group, which traitorously supersedes their pledge to uphold the Constitution of the United States to guarantee America’s full faith and credit in the world economy.

The Republicans’ “Cut, Cap & Balance” plan has really only been a red herring to slow things down and take us closer to the deadline, which the rating agencies don’t like.

That would be bad for interest rates, our reputation and any other country ever taking us seriously again. It looks like a tea party wrecking ball.

Any Republicans listening should call their representative and complain, but it is possible people like that might be brainwashed by Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News and his paid politicians and the talking points they are supposed to believe. Live simply — things will work out.

Scott Jenkins

San Luis Obispo

Banish a few

I have come up with a solution to the gridlock in Washington. I call it the Star Trek Solution. Each week, we should put all the politicians’ names in a hat and draw one out. That one we should put in a transporter and send to a faraway galaxy to never be seen or heard from again. This should be kept up on a weekly basis until some civility and bipartisan solutions are met for the betterment of the country.

I know some will say if we do that randomly we may banish a good one. And my answer to that is, “After we banish a few, they will all be good.”

Dave Coronel

San Luis Obispo