Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 7/21

Bus service needed

As of July 1 the North County Shuttle no longer serves the town of Templeton. I and many others must now walk half a mile or more to catch a bus at the Templeton Park & Ride.

Before the North County Shuttle started serving Templeton, the RTA did so. It’s time for RTA to pick up the ball once again.

May I suggest RTA run a route through the town of Templeton as follows: 

Northbound: Take Vineyard Drive Exit to Main Street. Turn left at Sixth Street, which turns into Florence Street. Then turn left at Las Tablas Road.

Southbound: Take Las Tablas Road to Florence Street, which turns into Sixth Street. Then turn right at Main Street and right again at Vineyard Drive.

We need your bus service now. Many people are left stranded due to the cancellation of the North County Shuttle. As the “county” bus service, the RTA is obligated to serve the town of Templeton. Step up to the plate and give us a hit!

David E. Murray


Debts and deficits

At last! If the job of a newspaper is to inform its readers, The Tribune gets an A+ for the July 17 Viewpoint by economist Ron Workman, explaining the difference between “debts” and “deficits.”

Lately the majority of your editorials, columnists, letter writers and cartoonists have shown such partisan bias and ignorance that it’s been a struggle to continue our subscription.

Wake up, people! A politician’s glib speech, ready quip and threats cannot hide the fact that “deficit reduction” is only cutting a sliver from his future projected massive increases.

Sue Perry

Morro Bay

Thanks, volunteers

On June 24, the San Luis Obispo Elks Lodge 322 and the Employee Council of the Headquarters at Camp San Luis Obispo hosted a wonderful barbecue at the Camp San Luis Obispo NCO Club.

It was our pleasure to honor the soldiers of the 224th, which included our Post Commander LTC Nicolle Balliet, who had just returned from Iraq, as well as all the soldiers that work at Camp San Luis Obispo who have been deployed these past 10 years.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all the volunteers from the Elks Lodge who worked so hard to prepare, barbecue and serve the most delicious tri-tip ever to over 200 people. I also want to thank their anonymous donors, who made this afternoon possible free of charge to all who attended. The Elks embody the finest spirit of patriotism to be found in our county, and we appreciate all the support they give to our soldiers.

A special thanks to Judy Knapp, who baked, decorated, and donated two huge beautiful cakes for our event. I can’t say enough about all of the volunteers who set up for and cleaned up after the event.

Margie Gist

San Luis Obispo

Driving business out

Our California legislators are really eager to drive all businesses out of the state. California has, for years, been rated the most business unfriendly state in the United States.

Now, this year alone, the state government decided to make Amazon.com collect sales tax on purchases shipped to California, although Amazon claims it does not have a physical presence in the state.

Now these same brilliant legislators are enacting a law that will require companies with more than 20 employees (or maybe more than 50 employees, at the whim of the county governments) to pay employees up to $75 each to encourage them to carpool, or use other transportation to clean up the air.

Is it any wonder that businesses are leaving the state in droves? Obviously the goal of our state government is to get businesses out of the state, but I wonder who they expect to pay the taxes when none of the citizens has an employer?

Jim Vint