Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 7/17

Anthony jury did its job

Like everyone else, I think Casey Anthony is guilty. Think is the key word here because I really, actually and truly do not know the truth.

Now, put yourself in the jury box and in the deliberation room. Putting emotions aside, and following the law, what would you do? If you said “I’d hang her anyway,” then you don’t belong on any jury.

I really had to think hard about this. The juror I saw on TV said it best. We were never shown just how she died, when she died or who was with her when she died, referring to Caylee.

They have no proof. They are not to be compared to the O.J. Simpson jury, who went in knowing that nothing they heard could make them convict their favorite football hero and acting idol. That was a foregone conclusion.

This jury was composed of educated people who, in probably many cases, thought that Casey was guilty, but they had to have it shown to them. The folks who are threatening them with harm are non-thinking, bloodthirsty morons who, if they are capable of thinking this out, would know that the jury did exactly what they were chosen to do.

Patti Launders


Laws made for a reason

I wanted to say this year’s fireworks were a real nightmare for some homeowners in Grover Beach. The amount of illegal and dangerous fireworks that were discharged in my neighborhood and surrounding streets was the worst that I have ever seen and heard.

The discharge of illegal fireworks started several days before the Fourth of July, and I felt that we were in a war zone. Debris was falling over our roof and yard from the fireworks.

I am a former U.S. Marine, and the sounds reminded me of mortars and rockets going off. I am a retired firefighter from another city, and I would like to see all fireworks in California banned, except for public displays.

Some people just can’t follow the law regarding fireworks, as with talking on cellphones while driving. For some people, there is a real lack of obedience when it comes to complying to our laws.

Neil Lochhead

Grover Beach

Bike parade a success

On June 3, Los Ranchos Elementary School held its fourth annual bike parade. More than 250 students and staff participated in this event filled with decorated bikes and festive outfits.

For the second year in a row, we received support from Scott Smith of Art’s Cyclery and Tom Maino of Maino Construction. Scott was on hand to assist students with mechanical difficulties. Tom constructed ramps to make it possible to get over sidewalks.

I want to thank Scott and Tom for their assistance to make this event so much fun for the students.

Tony Evans

San Luis Obispo

Los Osos chickens safe?

After reading your story and seeing the pictures of the chicken coop torn open by the bear, it got me wondering about how safe the chickens being raised on Los Osos Community Services District land behind 513 Highland Drive are. I walk my dogs by this every day.

This coop doesn’t have a backyard fence around it for protection, like the one you pictured in San Luis Obispo.

With backyard chicken raising comes responsibility for protection. I am sure they will be smelled by cougars, bobcats and coyotes, which will pay the final price when they are shot for doing what comes natural.

Stuart Rosenthal

Los Osos

Move fireworks north

There were concerns about the Fourth of July fireworks upsetting our seals in Morro Bay, however the decision was that it wouldn’t harm them. Well, how about the baby birds freaking out and falling from their nests in the rookery just north of the Museum of Natural History on State Park Road?

Each year after the Fourth of July fireworks display, there are chicks on the ground the next day, some dead from the fall and some injured so severely that even Pacific Wildlife Care can’t save them.

A while back, fireworks were set off at the Morro Bay High School football field, which was discontinued because complaints from neighbors about the noise. Heck, I live in north Morro Bay and I would be more than happy to, again, put up with an hour or so of noise from fireworks displays once a year, if they could be brought back to the high school.

I would still be safe in my own nest, I could crank up my stereo or pop in some earplugs if I chose to, which is not an option the little feathered ones have.

T. Spatari

Morro Bay

No more gravy train

The real trouble started in the Clinton administration, where lenders were told by Clinton to sell to anyone who wanted to own a house, even if they had no way to pay the loan.

The financial market was ecstatic. Trillions of dollars were flowing into the financial markets, and no one wanted the gravy train to stop, including members of Congress.

As expected, the house of cards came down, but fortunately, the Bush and Obama administrations came to the rescue with trillions of borrowed money. Unfortunately for us common folk, we have to pay to make the financial markets whole, but at great expense to us and all the generations to come.

What’s unbelievable? The white-collar criminals were hired to oversee the trillion-dollar handouts to the wealthy, which include Timothy Geithner. What? They pushed us into bankruptcy, and this financial predatory activity is ongoing.

As we all know, everything for us has gone up. All utility bills, gas, food, rent, etc., and this will impact all the future generations. We must have significant change in our government if we are to expect fairness.

Shirlene Gregory

Pismo Beach

Threats might work

Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid threaten us with the immediate cutoff of our Social Security checks if the national debt ceiling is not raised by Aug. 2. Small-town firefighters and police officers threaten us with the loss of our personal safety if their outrageous salaries, benefits and early retirement are not guaranteed. Why don’t Reid and Pelosi threaten the corporate farmers with loss of their $20 billion annual subsidies, cut off foreign aid, tell the U.S. Department of Agriculture they will lose their multibillion dollar food stamp funds or — heaven forbid — delay the paychecks of the millions of federal workers?

Why do small-town police and fire departments think the taxpayers should pay them big city wages? Let them move to Fresno, Bakersfield or — gasp — Los Angeles. We don’t have many skyscrapers, criminal gangs or other dangerous critters around these parts.

J.A. Hyde

Morro Bay