Letters to the Editor

letters to the Editor 7/15

On water Viewpoint

As a retired farmer in Nipomo, I was seriously disappointed in Sunday’s Viewpoint by Mr. Roger Briggs.

Mr. Briggs uses a very broad brush to insinuate that agriculture is the source of severe water pollution. He offers no data or examples to back up his accusation. Some of his statements are actually false.

For example, agriculture was exempt from the Clean Water Act for many years, but that exemption ended almost 10 years ago. Since that time, most farmers on the Central Coast have completed the Farm Water Quality Planning Short Course (20 hours) and have a written Farm Plan to comply with current regulations.

Another example is that many other agencies have authority over our water, including Fish and Game, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and several county agencies.

In our area — Arroyo Grande, Santa Maria and Guadalupe — most of the water in the local streams is in violation of clean drinking water standards. Unfortunately, it is difficult to determine the sources of this pollution because sampling sites are downstream of urban areas.

We are doing our part to improve our environment (we really are the “green” of the community). I just believe Mr. Briggs’ Viewpoint is more inflammatory than helpful.

Rollie Cavaletto


A heartfelt thanks

To the valiant lady who saved me from a terrible fall while I was careening crazily across the sidewalk on Higuera Street after missing the step down from the Novo Restaurant Lounge last Saturday afternoon, thank you.

I count my blessings that you were there when you were, and that you were young enough and strong enough to break my fall as I crashed into you. You were sweet and caring, too, and made sure that I was all right before you went into the restaurant. Many blessings on you.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You surely saved me from some broken bones.

Pat Christianson

Los Osos

A sincere apology

I want to apologize to the woman I had a confrontation with on July 8, while on the beach just south of Cayucos. This beach is locally known as “Dog Beach,” as it is one of the few in the area that are not patrolled by State Parks rangers for dogs off leash. It has become one of my favorite places to take my black lab, Sophie, for exercise, frolic and socialization.

I, for some reason, did not announce to this woman, when Sophie ran up to her, that my dog is friendly and would just say “hi” and then move on.

The woman was annoyed by my dog, and the fact that Sophie tried to get her attention even though the woman was preoccupied with a cell phone. All I can say is that there was some yelling and eventually some inappropriate words exchanged. My children witnessed this exchange. I explained to them that I was not proud of how I handled it.

I certainly could have done better in such a situation. So, to the blond woman walking with two younger girls that afternoon, I am sincerely sorry for how I spoke to you.

Gretchen Bolster

Los Osos

Won’t be blackmailed

Blackmail is blackmail, fearmongering is fearmongering and lies are lies.

I will not be blackmailed or be made fearful by union representatives who tell the public people will die if firefighters lose binding arbitration.

Shame on firefighter Erik Baskin, for saying that on the Dave Congalton radio program. I guess that the voters of the city of San Luis Obispo are too intelligent to believe such nonsense.

If anyone does die when binding arbitration is overturned on Aug. 30, it will not be because binding arbitration was defeated. There could be many reasons for such a tragedy, and I know that our fine employees would never let that happen under any circumstances, if possible.

The voters are wise and will not put up with their shenanigans this time around.

I am not a stranger to unions. My father started a union when unions were extremely necessary for employees and their families to survive, unlike the greed that some unions represent today.

Naoma Wright

San Luis Obispo

Takers and makers

I see from The Tribune’s front-page article on July 13 “Obama: Social Security could be in danger” that in addition to incompetence, deception, self-servitude, corruption and deceit, our elected federal “officials” may now add thievery to their curriculum vitae.

Social Security is real money extorted from the paychecks of real people, ostensibly to provide these people with retirement income. Social Security funds should be present and independent of any budget considerations.

I’m still paying for Social Security out of every paycheck, but I have little doubt that when it is time for me to utilize my money, there will be nothing left.

Working people are being blatantly ripped off by the government; Whatever became of “For the people?”

We need some serious and widespread government reform right now.

Jeff Rininger