Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 7/14

Music creates

The Central Coast Brass Ensemble played “Stars and Stripes Forever” as they opened a session on Bridge Street for the Arroyo Grande centennial celebration Saturday.

My husband, John Turril, whispered “Glasgow.” I asked if he’d been to Glasgow. He answered, “We docked there after Christmas in 1942. I had just turned 19 years old. On board they handed out rifles. We were afraid we’d run into Germans and were armed. We had to go in small boats to land. A band there was playing ‘Stars and Stripes Forever’ and people tossed flowers at us.”

Music creates.

Evelyn Cole

Arroyo Grande

Great centennial

What a wonderful celebration! Big kudos and thanks to everyone who had a part in planning and executing the Arroyo Grande Centennial festivities.

The culmination on Sunday was amazing — from worshipful start to fireworks finale. Happy, friendly people, brass groups, ukuleles, dance bands, ’50s music that got the folks dancing on the village green, singers, dancers and a whole year’s worth of music and fun in one spectacular day. There was also a great parade and fireworks.

It couldn’t have been more perfect.

Darlene Mack

Arroyo Grande

Town pride

A great big thank you to the Arroyo Grande Centennial Committee and the other citizens involved with this grand celebration. It was well planned and executed. There was so much to do. 

People were definitely wowed. We can be proud that we live in the best small town in California. It has been here for 100 years. 

Lynn Titus

Arroyo Grande

The first step

I am neither a teacher nor do I have school-age children, but I am a taxpayer with the following observation:

It seems whenever I see TV or written news these days, some politician or other self-important person is giving an opinion that we ought to be able to get rid of “bad teachers.” They fail to mention that every child is under the care and guidance of at least one parent before entering the school system and throughout the child’s education years.

It’s easy to blame the school system’s teachers for not being able to instill in every child an appreciation of the importance of learning, which is the first step on the road to a good education. This should begin at home and be taught by example.

Parents have their children under their care for many more hours during the child’s life than any one teacher will ever have.

We have dedicated teachers, some of whom find themselves frustrated by a flawed system that is more interested in test scores than quality learning.

Parents need to accept their role of preparing their child for learning, and stop expecting the school to perform miracles.

Vance Wilson


Beware the ‘Big Lie’

As a young Republican, fresh from Vietnam, I was warned by my career military father to beware of the “Big Lie” technique. The lie has to be so counter-intuitive, against the evidence, unbelievable and ubiquitous that the masses are numbed into giving it credence.

Imagine my revulsion to read in The Tribune on July 10, the words of Congressman Kevin McCarthy: “Republicans have sat in the room honestly.”

Honestly? This, from a Ryan budget, “one-term president,” “my-main-job-is-to-elect-Republicans,” vote-against-working-people ideologue.

While disengaged, low-information voters (the real majority) pay close attention only in the last months of an election, they are still inundated with the “Big Lie” along the way. So, we got two terms of Reagan, “W,” the Republican recession, two illegal wars, massive unemployment and now, the final dismantling of the American dream. Still, the “Big Lie” continues, “It’s the other guys,” the conservative malcontents whine.

Look up reform, streamline and entitlements. Find your own. It’s rampant. The mainstream media is replete with conservatives’ newspeak.

At least with redistricting, I won’t anymore have to suffer the indignity of being “represented” by a GOP syndicate guy anymore.

Charlie Lawrence

Paso Robles

Get behind quarry

A guy owns a small parcel of land near Santa Margarita. Lately he discovered that he has extensive granite on this land, which is a valid commodity in demand to all of the central California community.

It is especially valid for many engineering projects, such as bridges and harbor development. Granite used as an aggregate in concrete makes the best concrete in the world.

Now, a small group of residents in Santa Margarita is trying to stop this poor guy from delivering his product to the community. Let’s all get behind this quarry and its delivery!

Gerard L. Parsons

San Luis Obispo