Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 7/5

Read Huasna report

I have additional information regarding the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) that San Luis County Planning and Building commission will review regarding the Excelaron Huasna Oil Project.

In the EIR, the first listed environmentally superior alternative states: (EIR pg. ES-11) “with the No Project Alternative, no development of the Huasna Oil resources would occur. There would be no construction of facilities and no drilling, or testing production would occur. No new impacts would occur under the No Project Alternative. Clearly, the No Project Alternative would be the environmentally superior alternative.”

Thus, the EIR specifies very clearly that the No Project Alternative is the best environmentally superior alternative.

The Tribune article of July 1, “San Luis Obispo County seeks changes to Huasna Valley oil field plan,” noted also that “noise is another significant impact.”

The EIR (pg. ES-8) states: “Significant and unavoidable impact to land use would result from noise associated with the drilling operations. Even with the implementation of these measures (attempts to mitigate to noise), the impact would still be significant.”

These are permanent impacts that cannot be avoided.

I urge readers to refer to the actual EIR, which is available at the San Luis Obispo County Planning and Building Department website, to look seriously at the five significant impacts that cannot be mitigated.

Susan Heaton

Arroyo Grande