Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 7/1

When will we learn?

As reported in The Tribune, my son, David Williams, 26, of London was allegedly killed Saturday near Oceano by Aaron Ceja, who is accused of drinking and driving.

David died of massive neck and head injuries as the car hit the curb at speed and overturned across the road into David, who was riding a bicycle.

David was a fourth-year medical student at Imperial College London, one of the U.K.’s top medical schools, and looked forward to fulfilling his long-held ambition to be a doctor.

He was an experienced cyclist and had previously cycled across Cambodia, Sri Lanka, India and, from his home in London, across Europe to Istanbul. He raised many thousands of dollars for charities he supported.

He hoped to raise thousands more for http://find-your-feet.org, the anti-poverty charity his mum Betty works for, by cycling more than 4,000 miles from Los Angeles to New York in 50 days, but was killed on only his second day.

David worked weekends and vacations for Treetops, a center caring for children with multiple disabilities, and on his return from New York was to undertake a medical posting in Algeria providing medical care for refugees from Western Sahara.

Whilst readers will follow the trial of Aaron Ceja, the world has been deprived of a young Englishman who has already given so much, but had so much more to give.

We will now never know how much drinking and driving has deprived us of. When will we ever learn?

Bill Williams

Leatherhead, England

Not implied consent

In response to the June 4 letter from Raymond James entitled “Just a fact of life,” he just doesn’t get it. The victim of a sexual assault is never at fault, hence the name “victim.”

It does not depend on what the victim wears, if she is intoxicated, or whatever. That is not an open invitation to be sexually abused. That is not implied consent, as Mr. James claims. Hopefully, one day, men will grow up to the fact that they, alone, are responsible for their own actions, and will stop blaming the victim for this atrocious act.

Bobbie Di Domenico


Time to listen to us

I used to look forward to the Fourth of July, be patriotic, have faith in our government and be proud to be an American.

But somewhere along the way, I’ve lost that feeling, along with my house, my business, my 401K and my pension.

We are now, more than half way through the year and presidential term, and nothing has been resolved.

If you think there is a difference between what is happening in Greece, California, New York, Wisconsin, Ireland, Spain, Texas, etc., wake up.

It’s the world economy crashing around us. Wall Street (too big to fail) got us into this mess, and we still have Geithner, Summers and Bernanke — who were in Bush’s White House — calling the shots.

Please write, email or call elected officials to support the reinstatement of Glass-Steagall (HR 1489), which will separate banking with the speculators.

We elected them. Isn’t it about time they listened to us and not Wall Street?

Larry Sullivan

Los Osos

Forward thinking

We did not understand G.R. Flores’ rant in his letter on June 27, about Dave Romero paving over open space while on the City Council and the “smog” it’s created.

Flores’ residence, too, is covering land that was once open space. All ours do. Both of us have seen huge changes to our city. In the early 1940s San Luis was a small, somewhat shabby agricultural town. After World War II, the town began to get its first big influx of newcomers. Until the mid-1950s, there was no freeway. U.S. Highway 101 came down Monterey Street, up Santa Rosa and continued on down Marsh. Mission Plaza did not exist; rather Monterey Street passed right in front of the Mission. There was an old auto repair shop at the corner of Monterey and Chorro and a creek full of debris.

It was forward-thinking people like Ken Schwartz, Dave Romero and Alex Madonna who envisioned the sparkling city we now enjoy. We should be grateful for those forward-thinking people, who ensured that our city grew in an orderly fashion. Because of them, many newcomers are able to enjoy the same wonderful San Luis Obispo that we old-timers do.

Mary Ann and Don King

San Luis Obispo