Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 6/26

Idiotic charge of racism

Apparently having nothing of substance to say against Coalition of Labor, Agriculture and Business (COLAB) and its chairman Andy Caldwell, San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill calls them “racist.” The proof? At a COLAB event earlier this year, they had “a blackface entertainer impersonating the president.” Hill forgot to check out the “blackface entertainer,” Steve Bridges, a professional comedian with a class act, who regularly impersonates presidents and also did his Obama routine on the Jay Leno show last year.

Hill, having tried to render Caldwell and COLAB toxic, then threatens Central Coast state Sen. Sam Blakeslee with the race card if Blakeslee has Caldwell emcee a fundraiser scheduled for next week. Blakeslee cancels, not wanting Hill to have another forum. Having done his damage, Hill is now trying to ease back from his attack on Blakeslee, perhaps after finally learning who Bridges is?

Hill’s idiotic charge of racism is mindless hate speech. Reliance on such baseless charges of racism not only hurts the accused, but such cheap politics insult the intelligence of any just person and sow divide in the community. Hill owes Caldwell, the members of COLAB, Blakeslee and especially the community a big apology.

Christopher Arend

Paso Robles

Cuesta needs compliance

I am a retired educator and a fan of community colleges. I am pleased when my former students inform me that they have chosen to attend Cuesta, in lieu of a four-year college. Therefore, I was disappointed to read the June 12 article by Joshua D. Scroggin in regard to Cuesta being out of compliance with Title IX, due to eliminating the women’s tennis program.

Being an avid tennis player, I realize the benefits a lifelong sport has to offer. Plus, my daughter played tennis for Cuesta years ago with her friends, and she is a better player today because of that experience. There are many female high school tennis players who will not be attending a four-year college and would very much want to continue to compete by playing in their home community at the junior college level. Why has this opportunity been taken away from them?

I know the importance of immediate action to correct out-of-compliance status. According to the article, there isn’t even an on-campus compliance coordinator in place. This is a federally mandated position under Title IX.

I look forward to hearing that Cuesta is in compliance with the federal government.

Anita Smith

San Luis Obispo

Hill’s action unacceptable

To say the least, I am very disappointed in San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill regarding the unprofessional and disrespectful email he sent to Central Coast state Sen. Sam Blakeslee. Who does Supervisor Hill think he is, sending such an email to our state senator? I find this conduct unacceptable for the chairman of our Board of Supervisors.

This email gives you a good look at Hill’s character. Since January of 2009, the citizens of San Luis Obispo County have been steamrolled by him and the rest of the board. Most folks are busy trying to keep a roof over their heads, and have no idea of the county ordinances that have been revised and or approved in the past 2 1⁄2 years.

Coalition of Labor, Agriculture and Business (COLAB) is a government watchdog group, working for a healthy economy for all of us who live in the county.

We could not have a senator who truly cares more about us than Blakeslee does. Blakeslee bases his decisions on issues by listening to all sectors of his district. Our current board majority needs to take a lesson here.

Arroyo Grande

See truth for yourself

Congratulations to Andy Caldwell and Mike Brown for shining the light on our county government’s shenanigans.

San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill’s ongoing hostility toward Coalition of Labor, Agriculture and Business (COLAB) can only mean that the exposure of the true state of county affairs by COLAB is threatening to those wanting to keep the public in the dark.

View some history of Brown’s comments during the public comment period of our BOS meetings online. He is calm, reasoned, very knowledgeable and well-mannered. This isn’t what we’ve been told is the case, but it is public record.

After seeing the contrast between Brown’s comments and the condescending hostility he receives in return, you might want to read some of Brown’s analysis of county issues, such as budget, staffing, planning, etc. and see the truth for yourself.

As a founding member of COLAB, I feel privileged that we have Caldwell and Brown, hard-working, moral, smart, well-spoken executives defending our freedoms and property rights in the county. Too bad our elected officials don’t do the same for us.

Laurie Alexiev


Dirt bike track needed

I strongly feel that a dirt bike track should be opened in San Luis Obispo. I love to ride, and it’s my sport. Sadly, I am unable to ride as much as I would like, because of such things as the expense of traveling to a distant track.

I have a tremendous idea that I would like to share. I know of a public park at the bottom of the Cuesta Grade that, to my knowledge, isn’t used often. This location works because the park has suitable terrain — a creek, boulders and a loopy configuration. There would be no noise because it is right next to Highway 101, which is already loud. Not to mention there are no homes nearby.

Currently, we pay a $35 non-member entrance fee, plus gas, to ride at Zaca Station, and we pay a $20 entrance fee at Moto Club, plus gas.

I feel that if San Luis Obispo would explore my idea, it would bring in much needed revenue, as there are many riders — such as me — who would benefit by a track being opened nearby.

Kienun Kocan

Shell Beach