Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 6/21

What can be done?

I read Bill Morem’s two columns about the local family whose son’s identity was stolen. This certainly is both a sad tale and a very concerning issue for all of us who have information out there on the world of the Internet.

Bill gave out a list of sites to contact after we have a problem. However, he also indicated that we should not expect too much from these sources. I wonder what thoughts he has on products like LifeLock and others that claim to prevent the hacking of your information.

I, for one, do have various programs like anti-virus protection as well as spyware prevention, etc. What else should be done to avoid this pitfall?

Steve Bennett

Shell Beach

Important issue

Just three months after we witnessed what we hoped was an aberration in our community, we find another discussion about racism grabbing headlines.

This time it is a less polarizing, but perhaps a more important issue: the use of historically stereotypical racial humor in a semi-public forum. Andy Caldwell’s use of blackface as fundraising entertainment could not be more inappropriate, and San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill was right to bring this out into public view.

While Caldwell’s intention might be political satire, this is precisely the kind of desensitizing action that leads directly to incidents like the cross burning earlier this year.

The public reacted, then, with justifiable anger and was heard loud and clear: racial insensitivity will not be tolerated in our community. We came together on this, vowing to celebrate and vigorously defend our diversity, and those who appeared dismissive were chastised. This is our first test since then.

The kind of entertainment offered by Caldwell should not be welcome here. We have witnessed firsthand what it causes. I applaud both Hill for calling our attention to this, and Central Coast state Sen. Sam Blakeslee for reacting appropriately.

Caren Ray

Arroyo Grande

Not cold for all

This is in response to Trudy Jarratt’s letter on June 17 titled “Limited resources” regarding Sheriff Parkinson’s commitment to Kristin Smart’s family to do everything he can to bring a resolution to this case.

I can absolutely assure Ms. Jarratt, who states that resources should go toward current problems rather than toward a “cold case,” that to Kristin’s family, her disappearance 15 years ago is an every-day, every-hour nightmare. To the family of this beautiful, missing young woman, this is as current as any crime that might have been committed yesterday.

I can also assure Ms. Jarratt that, if her child was missing, she would certainly continue to seek justice. I seriously doubt that she would consider her family’s unresolved nightmare a “cold case.”

Pat Crowe

Los Osos