Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 6/18

Not quite full

The opinion article written by Tom Friedman in the New York Times titled “The Earth is full” (June 7) is just another disaster prediction of which I have heard about enough now.

The previous proclamation of the end of the world by Harold Camping of Oakland, California was May 21, 2011 — now he says he made a little mistake. Most intelligent people have just about had it with this global warming, end-of-the-world garbage.

For the rest of us, it may help to remember that we can still Google to find the estimated world population at 6,852,472,823 and the total square footage of Texas at 7,315,292,160,000. Realize that this means that all the people in the world could theoretically live in Texas on a 50-by-100-foot lot for each family of four. I’m not actually advocating this as a plan for Texas; they have enough problems with illegal immigration. This does make the world seem a little less full, however.

Robert Parkhurst


Some more equal?

Has Congress decided to ignore the Declaration of Independence? In the Declaration of Independence are the words “all men are created equal.” This, I have been taught to understand, means that we are equal under the law.

The same laws that I have to obey are the same laws that all politicians have to obey. So why do I have to take part in Obamacare and they don’t?

Like in “Animal Farm,” are some of us more equal than others? Maybe our representatives should revisit the Declaration of Independence. Some of them never seem to read anything, though. I am not sure they even read the declaration or “Animal Farm” or understand what the book and document mean.

Terry Sweetland


Volunteer military

I am writing in response to a letter titled “Personal Letters,” by William Cormeny on June 16.

Mr. Cromeny suggests writing to their congressmen before the men and women of our military go to war. The Tribune gets many letters like this, supposedly for the mothers of these young people. My son was a marine and served in Iraq. I know I do not need to remind these well-wishers that this is a volunteer military.

We should show our appreciation for the choices — and I want to emphasize “choices” — our sons and daughters make. We should be proud of said decisions, not demand interference.

I suggest well-meaning contributors get their facts correct before disrespecting decisions made freely by our children. I am forever proud of my son.

Joni Nelson

San Luis Obispo