Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 6/14

A meeting of note

Whether you are for or against the Walmart Supercenter, tonight’s 6 p.m. Atascadero City Council meeting should be of great interest. Walmart and the Rottman Group are claiming “that they have been unable to establish an agreement regarding the funding of the interchange improvements that are identified in the draft Environmental Impact Report.”

Now, they are coming to the city for a handout. We are opposed to using taxpayers’ money to subsidize the traffic improvements for Wal-Mart, the richest corporation in the world. Wal-Mart Stores Inc. has a notorious track record of getting cities to fund traffic and road improvements or to lend cash-strapped cities the money up front to pay for the improvements.

The city then pays back the loan with interest by not receiving any of the promised sales tax or property tax revenues until the loan(s) are paid back.

We believe that as much as the current City Council members are drooling over the prospect of promised — but unlikely to materialize — massive city revenues from this project, they have an obligation to the taxpayers and small businesses that will be shuttered because of the Walmart Supercenter, to make Walmart accountable for any necessary infrastructure measures. No corporate bailouts!

Tom Comar


Learn the lessons

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) says it is committed to safety, that there will be further seismic studies to ensure the “safety” of Diablo Canyon. Don't you think TEPCO was as committed to safety? Fukushima was built to withstand massive earthquakes (and it did, for the most part.) Why, they even had a tsunami barrier. Whoops, the tsunami was much bigger than anyone imagined.

We are limited by our own imagination. PG&E cannot possibly think of every single contingency.

Fukushima has given us the answer: getting power from radioactive fuel is not safe, period. I pray we can learn the lessons before Diablo Canyon turns our beautiful Central Coast into a giant dead zone.

Carole Hisasue

Los Osos

Can’t douse fires?

I don’t understand something. If, to borrow an old phrase, they can put a man on the moon, why can’t they put out the Arizona wildfire?

Couldn’t all the super water-carrying tankers from every Forestry Department in the country do a massive fly-over and drop a zillion gallons of water, or why can’t some rivers be dammed in this barren land and flood the area — something. Let's put the “great minds” of the country on this project and get something done.

Patti Launders


Another solution

The recent editorial from Scripps Howard News Service (June 8) titled “Politicians need to learn: Social media isn't private” would have been more appropriately titled “Politicians need to learn: Clean up your private life.”

Judith E. Zaretzka

Arroyo Grande

Perfect match

Texas can hire Sarah Palin to write their high school history books!

A match made in Fairy Tale Land.

Helen Anderson

San Luis Obispo