Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 5/21

The poor umpire

Indeed, the Coast Union Broncos and Cuyama Valley Bears’ softball game is worthy of bouquets for their staying power, but what is often overlooked is the work of the umpire.

The pitchers got half an inning to rest their arms. The umpire didn’t get the luxury to sit and rest those knees. Can you imagine how many times he had to get into the umpiring position?

I suggest a blue ribbon bouquet for the umpire, along with extra Advil and a 105-degree hot tub.

By the way, what does giving up 48 and 47 runs respectively do to a pitcher’s ERA? Ouch.

Stan Fluitt

San Luis Obispo

GOP and cartels

I don’t understand why our law enforcement agencies waste their valuable time and resources arresting drug dealers, distributors and producers. It seems to me that their activities are the embodiment of Republican party values and serve as an example of what we can expect if Republicans are allowed to implement the policies they propose.

After all, the illegal drug industry is not subject to taxation, is unencumbered by environmental or any other kind of regulation, has free access to all manner of firearms and weaponry and operates in a truly free market.

In fact, if we just look to our neighbor, Mexico, we can see how Republican values and policies, as exemplified by truly free competition among the drug cartels, have improved the quality of life for its citizens.

George M. Lewis

Los Osos

Remove them all

Thousands of public employees with mediocre intelligence and mediocre education can make six-figure incomes that are paid for by the private sector, who cannot pay their own employees the same benefits.

Our governmental entities have allowed unions to take money out of our wages and give it to their mediocre employees. This has to tell you that we must remove all elected officials from office, because of the influence unions have over them.

Shirlene Gregory

Pismo Beach

Driven by Amgen?

I am just curious why, all of a sudden, the route to Paso Robles needed to be repainted.

For Amgen, we needed the roads to be repainted. Since Amgen was coming to town, the roads were done so quickly.

I see that we the people are not important enough to have it done, but Amgen is. Is Paso trying to impress Amgen?

I think having Amgen coming to our area is great. I will be at work all day and will not be able to enjoy it.

Sharon Rae

Paso Robles

Thanks a lot, not

The SLO Police Officers Association says they want to help solve the budget shortfalls. So, they sue the city. And they don’t want to let the citizens vote on binding arbitration.

Yeah, thanks. That’ll help.

Christine Mulholland

San Luis Obispo