Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 5/5

Why low turnout?

The April 29 county Public Works presentation in Oceano was quite impressive. Ten or more tables were set up showing pictures and graphs depicting the history of flooding in Oceano. Many county employees were present to answer questions. In fact, there were more county employees than there were Oceano residents.

Why the low turnout? Could it be that the residents of Oceano have seen study after study for decades? Could it be that we have more knowledge of the history of flooding than most, if not all, county employees? Could it be that we have seen almost nothing done to mitigate the flooding problem?

Just one example of inadequate problem solving by the county is the Arroyo Grande Creek maintenance issue. Residents along the creek pay a special assessment so that the creek can be maintained. Evidence shows that too little is being done. The excuse is that the permit process is long and tedious. Or, that willows above 2 inches high can’t be cut. We have offered solutions; the county spokesperson says they will “try” to implement them.

On May 24, Public Works will submit its findings to the Board of Supervisors. Let’s hope we get positive results, not just another decade of studies, charts, consultant fees, and excuses.

Joe Schacherer


Misguided tea party

I attended the tea party rally in the Atascadero Sunken Gardens just to listen to what they had to say. What I heard was a hodgepodge of complaints (focused mostly on immigrant bashing and our country’s large national debt) and much misreading of the Constitution to support some rather narrow viewpoints.

Their blanket solutions were to limit government spending and to cut taxes. I guess they have a problem with being able to travel on paved roads, being protected by police and firefighters, giving their parents a financial and health insurance safety net, breathing clean air and drinking clean water, having an educated citizenry, having a strong military, and more.

There also was no mention of the incredible tax breaks and loopholes that the richest Americans and corporations receive, even to the point where most of them pay little or no taxes at all.

Tea partiers seem to be well-intentioned but misguided citizens who will vote for candidates who will then turn around and stab them in the back.

As it is, they are playing right into the hands of the super-rich and their Republican worshippers.

Mark Tomes

Santa Margarita

‘Trump the ...’

One positive about Donald Trump being a possible candidate for the highest office is the number of adjectives that describe him and also rhyme with his last name. I’m weary of the title “The Donald.” We could use “Trump the Chump,” “Trump the Rump,” or “Trump the Clump,” which aptly describes his infamous hair.

Brian Miller

San Luis Obispo

Krieger on target

I believe Dan Krieger’s April 24 article was correct about the Holocaust, despite a letter to the contrary.

Anti-Semitism and persecution of the Jews in Europe and Germany predates the nazis (I refuse to capitalize their miserable name) by hundreds of years. From Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice, with its (so stereotypical for the time) miserly Jew, Shylock, to the annual stoning of Jews on Good Friday in Germany for many years prior to World War II — anti-Semitism was all too common.

Even here in the U.S. at the time, overt prejudice was often tolerated. I remember a few years ago seeing an old burial plot (1940s) description from Rose Hills in Los Angeles. On it it stated that “no Jews, Mexicans or blacks” could be buried in Rose Hills.

The main point I wish to make is this: hitler (and never will I capitalize that swine’s name) did not come to power in a vacuum; He was popularly elected by the German people. Yes, indeed many Christians, Catholics and people from all faiths were also killed, but the brown shirts came to power using the Jews as their primary scapegoats, and the Jews got the worst of it by far.

Tom Ogren

San Luis Obispo

America’s enemies

President Obama is too kind to his enemies: it’s not “silliness” that motivates the “birthers,” but the ugliness of racism.

The latest Republican clown and circus barker, Donald Trump, of course takes full credit for this “victory,” and raises his hand, by suggesting that Obama was too dumb to get into Harvard. Racists are convinced in their hearts that black Americans are dumb. Watch the Teapublican-birthers take the bait. Watch the news media take the bait. A big apology is in order, but that’s not going to happen. It’s just going to get uglier.

When president Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act, he prophetically told his press secretary, Bill Moyers, that he had just given the South to the Republican Party. Although his prophecy came true in a very short time, we found out that it wasn’t just the South. Racism permeates too many throughout this continent. For God’s sake, a poll shows two-thirds of Republicans agree with birthers! Can this really be happening?

It’s time for everyone who loves America to stand up against these racist movements in America, because they are not just Obama’s enemies. They are America’s enemies.

Jim Carlisle


LOVR traffic

I recently was on the 405 South freeway, past the Los Angeles airport, and it reminded me of our little “405” freeway called Los Osos Valley Road.

If it is very congested now, can you imagine what it will be like after Target opens? Try leaving one of the car dealerships there to either go north or south. You may want to take your lunch, because you will have a long wait, especially during busy times of the day.

Have a nice day.

Frank del Rio

San Luis Obispo