Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 4/28

Bureaucracy as usual

In my letter to the editor of Feb. 12, “Budget Issues,” I referred to the California Performance Review recommendations but did not summarize because of space limitations.

The 2004 CPR report aligns programs by function, consolidates services and abolishes entities. It discontinues 117 organizations, creates 11 mega-departments and provides 15 major proposals, which have the largest fiscal savings. The total savings was estimated at $32 billion.

The 11 mega-departments are: Commerce and Consumer Protection, Correctional Services, Education and Workforce Preparation, Environmental Protection, Food and Agriculture, Health and Human Services, Infrastructure, Labor and Economic Development, Natural Resources, Public Safety and Homeland Security, and Veterans Affairs. Google it to find details.

There was no problem funding education, health and human services. Why did politicians “scuttle the CPR”? Answer: to keep keep education, health and human services as issues and “bureaucracy as usual” for maintaining excessive taxes.  

Potential shutdown needed?

Werner Koch


An atypical event

A former military officer from Greeley, Colo., wrote that he will not move to Arroyo Grande because of the recent cross burning.

I was shocked and disappointed that such egregious behavior happened in a town I love.

At the same time, that action was not representative of this community. I am a retired U.S. Marine Corps master gunnery sergeant. I love the people and the lifestyle of Arroyo Grande so much that since September 1998 I have moved here three different times: from Tempe, Ariz.; Santa Fe, N.M.; and Seattle — each time to the same street as this hate crime occurred on.

In answer to the writer’s question, your race does not matter in Arroyo Grande.

Russ Hopkins

Arroyo Grande

A messiah we want?

With Holy Week just behind us, there is the image of a nonviolent leader coming to abolish war, proclaiming peace to the world: indeed, Jesus Christ, the prince of peace. But, is this the messiah we want?

Today, church leaders, politicians and ordinary Christians support our military wars.

We seem to believe in a rich, powerful God saving our rich, powerful country — a God of war blessing our weapons and wars, so we can kill our enemies, steal resources and find security in our weapons.

Politicians almost shut down government, cutting millions for social programs for the poor. It is incredible that more politicians, or members of the media, have not mentioned cutting our military spending.

The war in Afghanistan costs $100 billion a year. With wars in Iraq, Libya and Pakistan, there will be billions more. Seems we have money for mass murder.

And Jesus wept.

Craig Kelso

Paso Robles

Parking vs. shelter

San Luis Obispo is in need of a $20 million parking structure yet a decent homeless facility is maybe four years in the future? What’s wrong with this picture? What’s wrong with us?

According to a recent enumeration of folks without their own “homes,” nearly half are children. This is astounding, and it’s not acceptable. Now the city wants to spend more money to replace 400 meters, to fund the parking structure at Palm and Nipomo: the “super core,” as it were.

We probably will be spending a lot less time in downtown San Luis Obispo. It’s lost so much of its charm, and it appeals to a younger, drinking crowd. But hey, “it’s a college town,” and it’s the “happiest” county for some.

I’m appealing to our leader, Oprah, (not Obama) to make it a happier place for those displaced. Four years is too long for our children.

They have paved paradise and put up a parking lot, as the old song goes. We just never learn. Moderation is something we just can’t seem to get.

Arne Setran

Los Osos

Immigrant McJobs?

“Who wants a McJob?” The article featuring extensive new hiring by McDonald’s highlights an interesting point. Many if not most of our nation’s 12 million unemployed would have an interest in unskilled positions such as those being offered in the fast food industry. According to data released by the Center for Immigration Studies, 85 percent of our unemployed are not college graduates and therefore are generally limited to lower-level jobs.

As The Tribune article indicates, the majority of McDonald’s employees are part time, and such part-time work may also appeal to high school, junior college or college students as a way to make money while they complete their educations.

Unfortunately, McJobs are also very appealing to illegal immigrants, most of whom are limited to lower-level job opportunities. And since illegal immigrants are willing to work harder for lower compensation, they are often viewed as preferred employees. And thus many of these McJobs as well as many other comparable jobs will go to illegal immigrants, to the detriment of our citizens.

Peter A. Schulkin


Impeach Obama

Victoria Grostick (April 16) asked, “What can be done to stop these immoral and illegal wars once and for all, and get our deteriorating country back on track?” Impeach Obama, to start with.

Bill Shaffner

Paso Robles

Outlaw adultery

Bob Cuddy’s column in Sunday’s paper about outlawing divorce in order to protect the sanctity of marriage is absolutely spot on. One of the things needed to accomplish this is to outlaw a primary cause of divorce: adultery. We could bring back the pillory, or maybe the stocks.

Terry Reeves

San Luis Obispo