Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 4/14

Unneeded trip

In the April 7 Tribune, there was a State Roundup article about a Republican-led group of state lawmakers going to Texas next week to “hear from businesses that left the state about ways to encourage job creation.”

Is this stupid with a capital “S” or what? And who pays for this unwanted and unneeded trip? The taxpayers, of course! It would be very interesting to see what the cost will be, which is definitely not out of their pockets.

Plus, the answer is already known: prices for a variety of business costs are too high in California — duh!

Whether it is tax incentives, rental costs, and/or property costs, California is not friendly to the business community and Texas is. If you asked the average taxpayer if this trip is “necessary,” you would get a resounding, “No! Stay home and fix the California budget!”

Keith Dekker

Los Osos

Unsafe on the street

What is wrong with the Paso Robles police? (“Motorist warned in stalking incidents,” April 9.) If an old guy goes into a bank and tries to rob it, but doesn’t succeed, are they going to locate him and give him a warning?

Just because this jerk wasn’t successful in his attempt to molest women — more than one, and at least one child — that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be behind bars. His intent was there on more than one occasion. Six separate complaints. How many more were not reported? Lock him up or at least commit him for psychological evaluation. This guy doesn’t belong on the street.

Don Rogers

Arroyo Grande

Down the line

A man (regardless of age) tries to lure young women into his vehicle on six separate occasions, and the police politely ask him to please stop doing that. What’s wrong with this picture?

Glad I don’t live in Paso Robles — but then, having been sufficiently warned, the “man” in question will probably just move on down the line.

Coming soon to your neighborhood

Robin Madsen

Grover Beach

Good mosque spot

Firstly, may I go on record that I’m a recovering Catholic and not soliciting any new offers, thank you very much.

That said, I wanted to compliment San Luis Obispo’s Nasreen Mosque for choosing a location within the community very near downtown. It used to be that a town common and church square comprised the center of any American community. These days, it seems that we have churches so high upon mountains and temples so distant in valleys that they are only accessible by Range Rover, which sounds more golf clubby than churchy.

Either way, maybe it highlights that so many fearful people ranting about “losing” their country may actually have just been neglecting it for too long.

Peter Breitmaier

San Luis Obispo

A reason to ride

Free Sunday parking is ending in part of downtown San Luis Obispo. Besides the health and economic benefits, here’s another good reason to ride your bike to downtown SLO. Bike racks are convenient, plentiful and free.

Dave Abrecht

Los Osos