Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: From Los Ranchos Elementary Students

Too much playtime

I would like to propose a suggestion. I would like to say that after firsthand experience at this school, that time is always running out, and the transitions between subjects are choppy and uncomfortable.

There is just too much time spent playing on the playground during recess. This recess time also contributes to all the excess talking, which slows down what we try to accomplish during school.

Therefore, I believe that recess time should be shortened to make more time for learning time.

If this were to happen, unnecessary talking would gradually halt, and students would be able to become more focused on lessons that are hard to understand within only 15 minutes.

Although recess shouldn’t be completely gone, I do believe that if recess times were shortened that there would be more productivity and students would be able to greatly understand all subjects to a greater skill level.

Thank you for considering my thoughts.

Matthew Frost

Sixth grade, Los Ranchos Elementary School

More trees, please

I am writing this letter because I think there should be more trees. Recently, a huge eucalyptus tree was cut down in front of our house. Now, whenever I look out my window, it looks plain.

If we have more trees, it will give us shade so people don’t need to use air conditioners — especially in the summer when it is hot! Therefore, people don’t need to spend extra money for their bill.

Trees would also be valuable. For example, you can grow apples for free instead of buying them at grocery stores. Plus, they provide more oxygen for everyone.

Alison Lucero

Sixth grade, Los Ranchos Elementary School

Let’s have a mall

I am a preteen, and I think we should have a mall in San Luis Obispo.

One reason is there are two preteen stores in SLO or near SLO. We should build an eco-friendly mall — a mall with solar panels to work everything electronic. It would be eco-friendly and we wouldn’t have to drive all around town to go shopping.

Another reason we should open an eco-friendly mall is there will be more jobs open for people who are jobless.

A great reason and helpful idea is if we open a mall, 5 percent of the profits could go to the homeless shelter.

Karly Bonzi

Sixth grade, Los Ranchos Elementary School