Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 3/31

No discount?

My wife and I are proud parents of our son who currently serves this great country in the U.S. Marine Corps.

Our older son also served in the Marine Corps and was honorably discharged. I am proud that they have followed in my footsteps.

As our younger son prepares to deploy to Afghanistan in May, we await his arrival as he gets to spend two weeks visiting family and friends before deploying.

As our daughter-in-law attempted to book a room at a hotel here in Pismo Beach, she asked if the hotel offered a discount to military personnel. Although she was informed that they did, she was further told that discounts were not given on Fridays and Saturdays. Needless to say, the room was not booked out of frustration.

I am disappointed that local businesses actually have the nerve to have a policy like this. Imagine if our great country were attacked by an enemy, foreign or domestic, or faced a national disaster and our military personnel had weekends off. Who would protect us then?

Our brave men and women who serve in the military are willing to pay the ultimate price to protect our way of living. And this hotel is going to get every single penny of that.

Juan Busby

Grover Beach

Absentee owners

You need to get out more! I would like to suggest that the person who wrote the editorial regarding trash can regulation come into the neighborhoods and take a walk. With a residential neighborhood comprised of 70 percent rentals with five to seven people living in them, we have reached being compared to Isla Vista North!

You should be aware that the majority of these homes are owned by absentee landlords who don’t give a darn what the property looks like.

The editorial staff should review the ordinances regarding clothesline placement and trash can placement. They will find that these ordinances are not new.

Question: Why require businesses to provide enclosed trash areas and not private residences?

FYI: On Ramona, at Elm Court, there are some 33 cans for public viewing, 24/7. Are we to look the other way?

A note to all neighbors: Go to city of San Luis Obispo police website (www.ci.san-luis-obispo.ca.us/police/) and scroll down to stop sign marked “Report Neighborhood Blight.” Click on it and you can report abandoned vehicles, quality-of-life issues or violations of neighborhood enhancement ordinance.

Frank Kassak

San Luis Obispo

Think where we’d be

Six-day workweeks; 12-hour workdays; no protective work gear; unsafe work places; no sick days; no vacation time; subsistence pay: The reason your parents or grandparents fought for union representation. Unions aren’t perfect, but it’s scary to think where we’d be now if they hadn’t existed all these years.

Helen Anderson

San Luis Obispo

Don’t accept gridlock

A review of the Walmart/Annex EIR states that the Del Rio Road overpass and El Camino Real intersection are currently at a Level of Service A. It also finds that with project buildout and no improvements to Del Rio Road, the result would be a Level of Service F during peak hours.

The EIR states, “Interchange improvements shall be completed before opening of the Walmart store or any substantial piece of the project.” I agree and hope the City Council does also.

Let your City Council know that you will not accept gridlock.

Ron Rothman


Distribute info

I agree with The Sacramento Bee and The Tribune (March 26) that information about the health care plan is not getting adequately distributed.

It would be nice to have access to a newspaper which would do that.

Lacking that, if you have an internet connection, try http://www.healthcare.gov for user-oriented and locally focused information.

Arthur Armstrong

Los Osos