Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 3/27

Tribune praised

I want to commend The Tribune and writer Cynthia Lambert for thorough coverage of the cross burning that occurred in Arroyo Grande.

I also want to thank the religious community and others for their swift response in condemning this act, as well as law enforcement’s ongoing work in bringing the perpetrators to justice.

Through unity of purpose, we can assure that our communities are safe for everyone. The Tribune has performed an important public service by shining a light on this act of hatred.

Sen. Barbara Boxer


Blakeslee praised

I must commend state Sen. Sam Blakeslee for showing true leadership in negotiating with Gov. Jerry Brown. While he is not drawing support from the party brass, he is earning bouquets from moderate Republicans here in the heart of the 15th District.

By stepping up and working with the governor to extend taxes that will help keep billions in schools, Blakeslee has distanced himself from the GOP cowards who have signed a pledge to not do their jobs. But make no mistake, he is not just going to roll over and support Brown without gaining support for a long-term fix to California’s budget crisis.

Blakeslee and the rest of he GOP 5 are to be applauded for their principled and courageous engagement. They are enduring attacks from the left and the right. Some argue that they should refuse to negotiate. Others argue that they should give in to Brown, but neither of these extremes will produce change — instead, they only empower the defenders of the status quo to continue driving our state into ruin.

Thank you, Sen. Blakeslee, for representing your diverse constituents of the 15th District and not being a pawn to special interest groups.

Phil Angel

San Luis Obispo

Republicans applauded

As a Republican voter since President Dwight Eisenhower first ran, I was thrilled by your article about the five Republicans who are working to get a state budget passed. I probably will not like parts of the final result, but it will be far better than no budget. I applaud the bravery of these Republicans to begin to practice the ancient art of compromise in order to govern.

I urge all politicians to get out of their various corners and meet around a round table to work out differences and serve the citizens of this great state, which they are employed to do.

Leonora Pruner

San Luis Obispo

Republican courage

Congratulations to state Sen. Sam Blakeslee and the GOP 5 for having recognized that their budget talks with Gov. Jerry Brown have failed. The GOP 5 had the courage to back away from a foul compromise. They made a good-faith effort to work with Brown and the Democrats in the state Legislature, but it was now time to just say “No.”

A little-noted 2009 report mandated by the Legislature calculated the total costs of just state regulation (without federal regulation and the effects of AB 32) in California at almost $493 billion, compared to a total state product of around $1.7 trillion. This represents more than $38,400 per household. Obviously, a certain amount of regulation is necessary. The problem is excess regulation. Our taxes have been used to give generous salaries and benefits to thousands of bureaucrats so that they can justify their existence by hamstringing the California economy and interfering in our lives.

Until our Democratic-controlled Legislature gets serious about cutting spending and reinvigorating our economy, our Republican members of the Legislature must do everything to keep the Democrats from taking even more of our money to keep their friends in high-paying jobs.

Christopher Arend

Paso Robles

Support right to work

The time has come to put before the electorate (not the Legislature) a bill to enact the same “right to work” law that 22 other states already have, and has protected them from following us into the bottomless pit of union greed and corruption.

Nationwide unions control our state Legislature, and just used their awesome power to elect Jerry Brown, who is 100 percent in their pocket. Enactment of this statute will remove the right of nationwide unions to require every one of our public employees to join them and pay union dues, or be fired. 

Watch as Brown sacrifices the education of our children and the welfare of our people  to the demands of his labor bosses and refuses to take action on exorbitant public pensions and benefits. 

Let’s all stand behind our courageous senator, Sam Blakeslee, who is holding firm against Brown’s excesses — I’m sure Blakeslee is receiving a lot of criticism from those in the county who are riding the “Union Gravytrain.”

Robert L. Hyde

Morro Bay

Don’t get so upset

It’s really comical how some people who dislike Fox News just “happen” to be watching when someone says something they don’t like. So my advice for them is: Never watch Fox News.

That way, they won’t be offended when they hear something disagreeable, and those of us who appreciate Fox will not be subjected to their carping letters to the editor. Problem solved!

Barbara Klein

Arroyo Grande

Democracy will win

In the history of this country, one political party has been compelled to try to suppress the vote in order to come to power. This has been visible and forceful in states where the party controls both the Legislature and the gates to the voting process.

In the 2008 general election, a significant number of voters turned out, especially college students (the future of our country).

As I write this letter to the editor, we are seeing that in many states, in order to suppress the vote, it will become increasingly difficult for college students to vote.

This strategy might work in the short term but, in my opinion, will backfire on the party implementing it in the long term. Future generations will become more educated, better informed and politically more engaged.

Eventually, this country will experience a voter turnout of well above 80 percent.

Eventually, the electoral college will be eliminated and popular vote will rule.

Eventually, Washington, D.C., will have proportional representation.

Eventually, this country will enjoy a true representative democracy rather than an oligarchy and politicians will be in the pockets of the voters.

The USA cannot preach to the world and not practice what it preaches.

Am I an optimist? Yes, and a realist too.

Fabrizio Griguoli

Shell Beach

No more incumbents

Do you remember when the Obama administration virtuously told all of us that federal salaries would be frozen, as our country is broke, and that spending is out of control? They did freeze salaries, yet Obama did not prohibit step increases or promotions, which actually gave them higher wages than if they received a cost-of-living increase. This looting of the taxpayer is the way our government continues to do business in spite of the fact that this is unethical, immoral and dishonest. They did not tell us that they would circumvent the freeze in this sneaky way. They trick us again and again, and we continue to believe them.

Our city, county, state and federal governments will continue to loot the taxpayer until we remove all the politicians from office by limiting all politicians to one term. Never vote for an incumbent. They become compromised very quickly by that money and power.

Shirlene Gregory

Pismo Beach