Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 2/8

Ah, Pismo of yore

If I ever had any respect for Joetopia’s opinion, I don’t anymore (“Pismo Beach has big potential, here’s how they can live up to it,” Jan. 30).

Pismo Beach was perfect 50 years ago before all the people with vision like Joe Tarica decided to fix it.

For those who live here and have access to the beach after a short walk, why would they need a boardwalk or anything running along the beach?

Why do we need to attract tourists to turn the town into a gridlocked nightmare every weekend where everyone on foot has to walk sideways in order to get through the crowds?

The new boardwalk is an architectural disaster that sacrificed a stairway that had been there for almost 100 years. To suggest that Avila Beach would be an example of progress is insane. Some people hate what was done to Avila, but not the developers that cashed in on it.

Give us back the skating rink, the carnival rides and the hills behind without mashed together mini-mansions. The cracked sidewalks are fine like they are.

Most of all, do not touch the Pismo Beach grammar school building.

You want to make Pismo Beach better? Return it to the way it was.

Wayne Roberts


SmartMeters? Dumb

The SmartMeter issue is unknown to many in our county. Some people don’t realize that PG&E is replacing our current electric meters with wireless devices called SmartMeters and that there are also plans to replace current water and gas meters with wireless ones.

Elsewhere in the state, people have generated tens of thousands of complaints about the SmartMeters, including billing, health, safety, security, fire, privacy and electronic interference. Many of these have been expressed to our county Board of Supervisors. However, we need an open forum in which to publicly air and alert fellow citizens.

I wish to applaud Supervisor Adam Hill’s response on KVEC (Jan. 28) to express our concerns in a resolution and therefore include it as an agenda item.

Linda Ikeda


Obesity and climate

The Tribune recently published an Associated Press article titled, “Obesity rates have doubled since ’80s” (Feb. 4).

This obviously is the driving force behind global warming! The increased weight on our planet has moved our orbit closer to the sun, resulting in higher temperatures.

Further proof is the report that Pacific Islanders are the heaviest, so they caused the recent cyclones from the islands hitting Australia.

Wait! Wait! On the contrary, the increased weight has caused Earth to move farther from the sun, thus cooling our atmosphere and producing the extremely low temperatures and blizzards throughout the nation and other countries as well.

One solution to this obesity problem is to follow Chick-fil-A’s advertising slogan and “Eat Mor Chikin!”

Dick Griffin