Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 2/5

Thanks for air data

Thank you, Tribune, for the articles about the air quality flag program and the mitigation efforts in the Dunes and for the new air quality index map in your weather section. The general public needs to understand this is not just about blowing sand and dust. PM10 and PM2.5 are specific pollutants potentially harmful to everyone and more so to children, teens and people over age 50.

Healthy children are considered part of the “sensitive group” for ozone and particle pollution according to Airnow.org. They should not be outdoors during hours of extremely high pollution on the Mesa. This year, schools will be notified of these days. When the flags are up, whole neighborhoods will be alerted. That’s a good thing!

Criticizing officials for taking steps to address this problem is misguided and penny wise, pound foolish. It will be much more expensive if a lawsuit is filed or the Environmental Protection Agency gets involved. As for moving away, some have already. Others are not able or not willing to, so they suffer in silence.

For more information, contact Concerned Citizens for Clean Air at ccca10@charter.net.

Rachelle Toti

Arroyo Grande

Taking his chances

Just when I thought I was getting used to global terrorism and environmental catastrophes, there is something else to worry about. Zoonoses (a name a marketer would die for) is the latest scourge I can get from my pets (“Too close for comfort?,” Jan. 31). My immune system has been weakened by the unconditional love of my two mini schnauzers, Zem and Zoe.

Ask anyone and they will tell you I am completely whipped by these two characters. I’ve been tongued a few times, sneezed on and even bitten a few times during play. I’ve lived another day.

Yes, I’ll say it! They sleep with us. You might find Zoe at dawn curled under my armpit. We share each other’s environments. I personally groom and bathe them weekly and they have the best of veterinarian care. Of course they don’t appreciate it — we exist for them.

Surprisingly enough, I don’t live in fear. A sign hangs in our kitchen: “The more I get to know people, the more I like my dogs.” I am an Army veteran, married to a redheaded Dutch girl, ride a Harley at high speeds, drink single malt scotch and am coming to grips with my mortality. All in all, I’ll take my chances with my dogs.

Bruce-Paul Scott


Doubtful prospects

In his recent column, Charles Krauthammer says the Egyptian military “is the best vehicle for guiding the country to free elections” (“Moving toward a soft landing in Egypt,” Feb. 4). I need help here. Can someone give me an example of a country in that part of the world, or anywhere, where the military has assumed power with the objective of bringing about free elections and democracy — and succeeded?

I suspect Krauthammer is more interested in stability in Egypt with pro-U.S. forces in charge than he is in bringing free elections and democracy to that country.

George Miller

Los Osos