Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 2/4

No to higher taxes

Bravo to Allen Litten! He hit the nail right on the head in his letter about California’s spending addiction (Jan. 29). However, one important thing we need to remember is that the same people who vote in these addicted politicians are addicts themselves.

While California spends money like water through a sieve, businesses are leaving just as rapidly due to high taxes and strict regulations. However, there seems to be enough money to pay the Cal Poly president $350,000-plus per year.

Now, the Lucia Mar School District is bringing in teacher incentive pay. People were hired as teachers and now they get additional pay for doing their jobs? We have lots of graduates who would love to have a job teaching at no additional pay! This program is totally ridiculous and shouldn’t even be considered due to the economic bind California is currently facing.

Thanks Gov. Jerry Brown for taking away 48,000 state cell phones, but what about all the state vehicles that are utilized for personal business? Gov. Brown has said we can make deeper cuts and balance our budget so you can either keep supporting the addicts or just say “no.” Say “no” to higher taxes!

Karlee Wheeler


False advertising

I don’t mind Republicans buying hours of paid advertising in honor of former President Ronald Reagan. But I strongly object to mixing NFL football coverage with politics. It’s no longer pure sports coverage, but rather a political message hidden in the guise of a national sports celebration.

Good ol’ Fox, good ol’ NFL for bringing a tribute before the start of the game for Reagan on the 100th anniversary of his birth. Why not John F. Kennedy? Dallas was, after all, the site of his assassination.

Is this the same NFL that televised games the Sunday after President Kennedy’s assassination? Yes. Is this the same Fox network that denigrates opposing political viewpoints and liberal politicians? Yes. Are we supposed to join hands before the Super Bowl and applaud a flawed president and further rewrite history with Reagan’s imagined accomplishments in order to satisfy the myopic vision of the rich and the misinformed?

No matter how many jets fly over the stadium, it won’t change Reagan’s legislative record against the poor, the handicapped and AIDS research. I think of all the naive young people who will innocently imbibe this political malarkey. Coke, nachos, beer, cars, Reagan, NFL excess: what have they in common? They all depend on false advertising to prop them up.

Al Abney


Food drive thanks

Thank you to the more than 200 volunteers who helped with the 2011 3rd annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service food drive to benefit the Food Bank Coalition of San Luis Obispo.

It was an honor to be involved with so many people willing to be of service by spending their holiday weekend helping others.

A big thank you as well to the more than 5,000 households that donated. This year, we collected more than 15,000 pounds of food countywide. The food helps in replenishing the shelves of the food bank after the holidays.

Matt Lombardini

Central Coast United for Change

A different citizenry

The commentary, “A question of exceptionalism,” by Kathleen Parker (Jan. 31) alludes to some very important questions. She points out that the origin of the problem with the word “exceptional” came a couple of years ago when Barack Obama said, “I believe in American exceptionalism, just as I suspect that the Brits believe in British exceptionalism and the Greeks believe in Greek exceptionalism.”

While mitigating statements have been made, the damage was done to those who still believe we have a core set of values enshrined in our Constitution, in democracy, free speech and equality (as imperfect as all that may be).

American exceptionalism has officially been avoided ever since and we have been told it is inappropriate in these “global times” to set ourselves up for self-admiration. In the last few years of economic downturn, it may be particularly difficult to locate this American exceptionalism here at home.

Kids usually live up to our expectations. If we expect our public officials to teach our next generation the meaning of American exceptionalism, freedom, equality and core values, we may soon be headed for a citizenry quite different than we have previously known. Maybe we had better start teaching the next generation ourselves or get some new public officials.

Robert Parkhurst


More definitions

I’ve noticed lots of letters to the editor with definitions. Here are mine:

Taxpayer money: Any money spent by the government on something I do not agree with.

Funding: Any money spent by the government on something I do agree with.

Tax increase: I am against it if I have to pay it. It is a good thing if it only affects other people.

Revenue: A tax increase to pay for something I agree with, especially if it funds my pet projects or my salary/pension.

Government waste: Any money spent on programs/salaries/pensions that do not benefit me.

Liberal: Anyone who has an agenda and insists everybody agree on that agenda.

Conservative: Anyone who has an agenda and insists everybody agree on that agenda.

Insanity: The inability to put ideology aside and do what’s best for the people of this city, county, state, country and the world.

Compromise: That dirty word that might be the only way we will be able to live together and move forward.

Ron Doron

San Luis Obispo

‘Legends’ success

A big thank you to the performers, band and backstage crew, as well as the sponsors, advertisers and more than 3,000 audience members who supported Mary Meserve-Miller’s first independent production, “The Best of the Original Legends Series,” performed last month at the Clark Center.

This show shattered all previous “Legends” shows’ box office records, grossing more than $106,000.

Because of the show’s spectacular success, more than $30,000 will be donated to the Nipomo High School Drama Scholarship Fund, assisting Robyn Metchik and her talented students on their trip to Scotland for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this summer.

Dottie Thompson

San Luis Obispo