Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 1/26

Absurd Obamacare

Reading the article titled, “Health care law repeal costly?” (Jan. 7), and seeing the Congressional Budget Office’s figures reminded me that in 1965, the projected cost of Medicare over 25 years was to be $12 billion. Well, the government’s tab came to $67 billion.

Obamacare has been estimated by its proponents to cost $1 trillion over 10 years, but does anybody really believe that? It is truly absurd to think that Obamacare will save the taxpayers money.

Britain’s National Health Service serves a population that is about a fifth the size of that of the United States, yet its health care system is broken and is being downsized and privatized because the British government can no longer afford the cost. Why does anybody believe that a health system contrived in Washington, D.C., would be any more efficient or less costly?

If Obamacare is allowed to go into effect, it will metastasize into an unwieldy, unyielding, money-devouring Frankenstein that will smother us all under a governmental blanket of red tape, regulations, mandates and upward spiraling taxes. I hope someone in Washington, D.C., drives a stake through the heart of this beast and “puts it down” like the rabid, mad dog that it is.

Dennis F. Bertrand

Morro Bay

Obama a centrist

Somehow I thought that Doyle McManus of the Los Angeles Times was a reasonable journalist (“Obama makes his move to the center,” Jan. 10).

Recently, he wrote an article about how President Barack Obama is moving toward the center. Huh?! Since being elected president, Obama has hardly governed from the left. According to McManus, Obama “pushed through” three major pieces of legislation, all presumably with a liberal edge. What nonsense! 

These three bills are not liberal. Improvements, yes, but not reform. Because of compromises made with Republicans and conservative Democrats, the stimulus was weakened to the point of feebleness, the health care bill is not single payer and doesn’t even have a public option and the financial reform act allows the giant financial institutions to stay big and even get bigger. 

Since day one, Obama has governed as a centrist, arguably as a moderate Republican. I expected more from McManus than to parrot the right-wing talking point that Obama is a leftist. 

Michael J. Costello

San Luis Obispo

Healthy lives

What a delight to open the newspaper on Jan. 19 and see a smiling, happy couple in the headline!

How great to read good news about the duo, LaVonne Rae Andrews-Welsh and Don Welsh, who are doing loving, heartfelt things and enjoying life even under seemingly meager circumstances.

I thoroughly appreciated the informative article titled, “Faith in their home,” in the Home and Garden section written by Rebecca Juretic and accompanied by the delightful photos by David Middlecamp.

Thank you for allowing us to glimpse into other healthy lives in such a unique and fulfilling way. Please continue your creative copy.

Becky Lane

Paso Robles

Eliminated option

The analogy Richard W. Ferris offered in his letter where Katcho Achadjian “raises prices” to keep from losing money at his business is not an analogy, it is reality (“A better analogy,” Jan. 21).

Achadjian often raises the prices of his products when his costs go up. That is how he keeps from losing money. And it is the same common-sense business practice he eliminated as an option when he signed his “no new taxes” pledge.

Paul Luiz


Angry at vandalism

To the person or people who vandalized the Hi Mountain California Condor Lookout recently:

What could your justification be for causing hundreds of dollars worth of damage? Were you upset with the California Condor Recovery program? Have you ever seen a condor?

Did the sound of the smashing glass excite you? Are you bored? Maybe you have a problem with the effort to bring the condor back from near extinction. Is that it?

So you decided to lash out at the building where Cal Poly biology students monitor the movements of the giant condors in Big Sur and the Pinnacles. Where community volunteers put in hundreds of hours serving a greater cause — survival of an invaluable species.

You didn’t leave a note or any other identifying materials. Who are you? Why don’t you come forward and let us know? Where are your parents? Where is your heart?

Does your therapist know you’re out smashing and destroying?

Fess up or show up, vandal.

John FitzRandolph


A great American

Jack LaLanne was a great American and a testament to a good attitude and good living. One only need look around to see the poor state of physical fitness that is the norm in this country. We need LaLanne’s advice now more than ever. Rest in peace, the great Jack LaLanne.

John J. Dillon

San Bruno

World has changed

Sometimes I am amused when I hear politicians refer to the Constitution when it comes to freedoms and rights.

Let us take the Second Amendment as an example.

When the Founding Fathers amended the Constitution, they certainly did not factor in the advent of automatic weapons and magazines with multiple bullets.

Had they seen those things coming, they would have framed the Second Amendment differently.

We could have a similar conversation about most of the other Amendments to the Constitution.

The world has changed since 1776.

Fabrizio Griguoli

Shell Beach

Primitive society

Only a primitive society feels the need to arm itself against a neighbor or its government. It is the same primitive society that believes in a constitutional license to “hold and bear arms.”

Rampant paranoia is the engine of a primitive society.

Joseph Codispoti

Paso Robles

Notre Dame next?

The NCAA, ensnared in the political correctness of academia, has declared the University of North Dakota’s nickname and logo, the Fighting Sioux, “hostile and abusive.” Now the NCAA, pursuing the academic goals of diversity and equal opportunity, must go after the Fighting Irish.

Jim Talbot

Arroyo Grande