Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 1/25

Tired of cash-outs

I am so tired of high-ranking local officials cashing out in secrecy, while their actions remain hidden (“Ex-police chief to get $126,000,” Jan. 20). Why do they deserve hundreds of thousands of dollars of “hush money” simply to prevent a lawsuit?

In James Mulhall’s case, The Tribune article indicates that his employment agreement makes him ineligible for severance pay if he resigns. I think someone’s got some explaining to do.

I say let them sue and let all involved parties’ actions be made public. Then, and only then, should it be determined whether the payment of these exorbitant sums is justified.

Karen Mendonca


Acknowledge author

The Espresso article on Page A2 of the Jan. 11 edition of your newspaper regarding the death of the “Band of Brothers” hero, Maj. Richard ‘Dick’ Winters, was excellent except the writer failed to recognize the author of “Band of Brothers,” Stephen E. Ambrose, whose words are unforgettable and capture the true essence of combat.

Regarding Paul Krugman’s commentary of the same day — it was hateful (“A political climate of hate”). We, the people, deserve better than Krugman and The New York Times.

Rosemary Carl


Can’t fix stupid

There’s been a lot of talk about how Arnold Schwarzenegger failed to fix California’s deficit, but very little about why. Here are some reasons:

Liberal voters, unions and activist judges fought, opposed and attacked him at every turn.

Eighty cents of every government dollar was spent on employee salaries and benefits.

Hyper-environmentalist, anti-business regulations and a refusal to secure the borders stymied education, drove firms away and forced more than 70 hospitals to close their doors.

Last November, 27 states elected conservative governors to try to stem their economic tsunamis, while California’s so-called progressive thinkers remained loyal to their one constant — a delusional addiction to spending other people’s money on social justice and welfare giveaways.

Make no mistake, liberal bureaucracy, economic illiteracy, political correctness and misplaced compassion, not the “Governator,” killed the golden goose that was once California, a process so devastating for the rest of us to watch because we know that while almost anything can be fixed, you simply can’t fix stupid.

Larry Bargenquast


Why advertise?

Do things we see and hear on TV and in the media influence us? At least some of us, some of the time, to some degree or another?

If not, then why is so much money spent on advertising?

Ola Ellman