Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 1/23

Your bias is showing

The Los Angeles Times news article titled, “Palin’s media ‘blood libel’ accusation sparks outcry” (Jan. 13), is misleading and unfair to Sarah Palin. The article states that her “blood libel” accusation “prompted an instant and pronounced backlash from some in America’s Jewish community.”

I am a member of the so-called Jewish community and am completely unaware of any backlash by the Jewish community regarding Palin’s remarks. On the contrary, my Jewish friends and I agree with her. Alan Dershowitz, a prominent member of the Jewish community, is quoted as saying that he sees nothing wrong with Palin’s comments. Yet the article does not even mention his opinion!

As a newspaper of substance, do you not have an obligation to the reading public to report important news reports on grave and sensitive subjects such as this one in a fair and balanced manner? Particularly since the article in question refers to the speech by President Barack Obama wherein he says we should talk to each other “in a way that heals, not in a way that wounds.”

This lack of fair and balanced reporting emphasizes The Tribune’s liberal bias and antipathy toward Palin.

Eli Lawrence


Thanks for helping

I would like to thank all the dedicated staff and volunteers at the Prado Day Center for their exceptional service to the homeless during the past holiday season. While most of us were enjoying family time inside our warm homes, the Prado Day Center workers, led by Dee Torres, provided overnight shelter during the streak of wild wet weather. 

Our warming station served an average of 30 homeless folks a night for eight of the bitterest nights. Staff and volunteers were stretched to the limit (and often away from their own families on holidays), but determined to stay open. 

Homeless folks were able to sleep on a dry floor, use our facilities, enjoy a hearty dinner and stay for the regular Prado breakfast. 

Special thanks goes to all those who donated and served food for dinner. Dinner donations included cooked hams and casseroles made by Barbara Jo and other regular People’s Kitchen volunteers. 

Friends of Prado Day Center appreciates all the generous support from the community over the past months and continues to encourage everyone to remember the plight of the homeless throughout the winter months. 

Every day, more than 100 individuals come to us for help and we cannot keep the facility open without your assistance.

Anneka Scranton

Friends of Prado Day Center co-president

Try it Katcho’s way

Regarding Joe Tarica’s column titled, “So far, he’s no Jack, Sam or Abel” (Jan. 15):

My family is relatively new to the Central Coast. I started and ran a small business in the San Francisco Bay Area for 30 some years before settling here. It seems to me that Tarica is attacking Assemblyman Katcho Achadjian right out of the gate.

In light of the near bankrupt state of the California government, due to the tax and spend formula, I agree with Achadjian. Let’s turn the page and try something that all successful business people practice every day. Let’s spend only what we have.

The difficulty is not controlling the budget, it is managing how to get re-elected. It is time the politicians get out of campaign mode and do what is right.

Bob Young

Arroyo Grande