Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 1/22

What it was like

How noble of Monica Lee to set aside some time today to remember all the unborn children of those irresponsible, selfish women who had the unfortunate and unhappy decision of terminating a pregnancy (“Time to remember,” Jan. 21).

In 1974, I got in line at 6 a.m. with more than 300 women at a clinic in Inglewood to terminate a pregnancy that was unplanned and ill-fated. My husband at the time and myself were counseled by Planned Parenthood without judgment and offered help no matter what decision we made. To this day, I am grateful for this organization.

We had somewhere to turn at a time when we had to make the saddest decision of our lives. In those days, OBGYNs were no help with either birth control or pregnancy counseling.

This weekend, I suspect there are other women faced with pregnancies they cannot take to full term for reasons that are their own. They will continue to find open doors at Planned Parenthood with a compassionate and thoughtful person to help, not judge.

While Lee may spend today judging others, I will think about what it was like before Roe v. Wade became the law and how terrible it was for all the women who died because they had nowhere to turn.

Kathleen Wafer


Remember victims

Regarding Angie King’s letter reminding us that today is the 38th year since the landmark decision by the Supreme Court to allow legal abortion (“Roe v. Wade,” Jan. 19):

She asks us to take a moment to remember all the women who died from illegal abortions. Yes, we should do that, all life is precious. I challenge King and the National Organization for Women to take a moment to also remember the lives of all the unborn children who have been unwilling victims of this procedure.

Barbara Smith

Grover Beach

Access for all

Today is the 38th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Prior to its passage, as an ambulance medic in Boston, I saw the results of coat-hanger abortions — horrendous. It made me a lifetime supporter of Planned Parenthood.

Everyone needs access to vasectomies, condoms, IUDs, the pill, tubal ligation and sex education. My favorite bumper sticker says, “Make love, not babies.”

Bill Denneen


A negotiating tool

Apparently, Oceano’s water is as valuable as gold right now. After observing the Oceano Community Services District meeting on TV, I have become aware of the possible sale of Oceano’s water to Arroyo Grande and Pismo Beach. Why would we do that? We don’t have much that anyone covets, but now we have a negotiating tool. Let’s use it wisely.

Sign no permanent contracts, agree to no permanent price, allow the residents to be involved in decisions, make all facts available to all English and Spanish speaking residents and do nothing in haste.

John Burson