Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: On Katcho Achadjian

Agreed with Katcho

This is in response to the recent letters complaining about Katcho Achadjian signing the “no new taxes” bill.

In spite of Achadjian being accused of flip-flopping, I agree with him. People are out of money and we have no place to get more. Gas prices are rising and grocery costs are going up, along with clothing and virtually all other goods and services. We cannot afford to pay higher taxes.

Cities and counties have relied on grants and other government money for so long that they no longer know how to take care of themselves. It is our money.

Thanks, Achadjian, and please stand firm on your “no new taxes” pledge.

Betty Buchanan

San Luis Obispo

Same old ugliness

Just when you hope the ugliness of the elections is over with, we get to read a week more of the same old stuff in The Tribune. Heather Moreno’s letter to the editor manages to raise the specter of Katcho Achadjian being a “double-dealing politician” while making no mention of her being the campaign manager for one of Achadjian’s Republican primary opponents (“A man of his word?,” Jan. 12).

The Tribune editorial of the same date expresses disappointment in Achadjian’s approach to taxes, an opinion formed prior to him having voted on even one bill in the Assembly (“Achadjian’s approach disappointing”).

This is from the same paper who endorsed his general election opponent whom he bested by 20 points.

I imagine in both cases, it is really hard to admit defeat. But rather than accepting the facts, your newspaper and others prefer to mud wrestle. People are sick of it.

Enough is enough!

The same goes for additional taxes. Take a peek at the Secretary of State’s website to see how Assembly districts statewide voted last time new taxes were proposed and please write a story about that.

Rita Vartan

Arroyo Grande

A better analogy

Paul Luiz writes a “funny” letter titled, “Katcho’s gas prices” (Jan. 16). Luiz has the relationship reversed! Luiz likes the buzz words of economics, but does not understand their economic meanings or significance.

A better and more real analogy would be that Katcho Achadjian’s gas station is losing tons of money. He raises prices to cover his losses rather than fix the problems.

Luiz feels we all should be forced to pay more for gas so Achadjian can continue his unsustainable losses and inefficient practices.

This would be how it would work to run a business with the same standards as government. Luiz couldn’t have it more backward.

Richard W. Ferris

San Luis Obispo

Noticed sooner

So, Tribune, you’re bewildered that Katcho Achadjian signed the right wing “no new taxes” pledge after he told you he wouldn’t. Now Joe Tarica writes that Achadjian is “spouting stupid stuff” and looking like a “hard-line, born-again tea party tiger who’s apparently changed his stripes from those we recognized before” and “shame on us for not noticing sooner.” (“So far, he’s no Jack, Sam or Abel,” Jan. 15).

Excuse me, but some of us noticed sooner.

For a decade, Achadjian has plainly been a party hack who always votes to please the big money that backs him while spouting ultra-conservative slogans, spite and gobbledygook. The Tribune has continued to describe him as if he is still the newly-elected county supervisor who sometimes used to vote like a moderate.

Let’s remember the atmosphere created by The Tribune’s campaign against negative campaigning last year. Any candidate who pointed out a bad vote by an opponent would get pounced on by The Tribune for being negative, so Achadjian skated away from his record.

No surprise now that The Tribune is surprised.

Joan Carter

San Luis Obispo

Part of the problem

What a shame that Katcho Achadjian chose to sign the no tax pledge (“Tax plan will likely meet wariness,” Jan. 10). By taking this blatantly political action, he’s become part of the problem, not the solution.

Chris Ungar

Los Osos