Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 1/15

Think about others

What has happened to consideration and respect between one another? Is it so hard to simply say “excuse me” when you accidentally bump into someone or wish to get past them in an aisle? How about a “please” or “thank you” when asking for or receiving something? We all can’t be first at the same time, so maybe try letting another car in front of you when a lane is closing.

My opinions and beliefs aren’t the same as everybody else’s. I always try to respect that and never do I try to force my opinions on others in a negative way. I feel very fortunate to live in this beautiful area with so many choices and freedoms.

Try to think about others before yourself every once in a while; it’s just nice.

Melissa Elam


Kids in danger

California vehicle code, section 27360 through 27368, stipulates that a parent shall not permit a child to be transported on a highway in a car without providing and properly securing the child in a child passenger restraint system. If under one year or less than 20 pounds, the child must ride in a rear-facing child passenger restraint system in the back seat.

Why is this same state hypocritical by not protecting the child who is hook-ed to the end of a two-wheel bicycle and pulled along in major traffic in a canvas and net cart? I again witnessed a parent pulling a child down Los Osos Valley Road and preparing to pass on the overpass where the bicycle lane is less than half of that of the cart.

Children are endangered by this unconscionable practice. I ask, where are the lawmakers who pretend to protect?

Mary Silveira Morro Bay

Shooting zebras

I shoot zebras, too. I’ve taken hundreds of photos of the Hearst zebras. They’re too cute not to. I’ll see a crowd of people stopped along Highway 1, snapping away, and I know that the zebras are in sight. The zebras are probably the most popular of all the subjects to photograph in this area.

You’ll see them grazing together with the cattle. They seem to get along. And the baby zebras are scary cute. Talk about a great tourist attraction, they’re it.

I feel bad that between 2 to 3 percent of their population here lost their lives recently. I hope that the deceased zebras were not the mothers of any young zebras, as it may jeopardize their chances.

I think it’s great to have such an exotic and beautiful animal as a neighbor. They’ve been here a long time, since 1927. So these are the descendants of those original zebras.

Reminds me that they are an old, established North Coast family.

I hope that in the future, these zebras do not find ways out and onto other’s properties. Zebras have no way of knowing whose property is whose.

Douglas Greenfield


How can it be?

Here’s a question. How can an atheist make a blasphemy accusation (“Californian fights again for God-given rights of atheists,” Jan. 13)?

David Tissue


Too bad for Booth

It’s too bad for John Wilkes Booth that radio talk shows and TV didn’t exist in 1865. He could have blamed the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Fox News for persuading him to assassinate Abraham Lincoln.

Bill Weitkamp

Arroyo Grande