Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 1/8

Tundra wonders

We were amazed when we read the article titled, “White bears and Arctic ice” (Jan. 2) in the newspaper. We were on the same trip at the same time as the author, Norman Pillsbury!

The only difference was that when we arrived in Churchill, we went directly out to the tundra and stayed out in the tundra buggy lodge for four days.

By staying out on the tundra, we were able to get out earlier and stay out on the tundra later. I think I have pictures of some of the same bears.

The descriptions given by Pillsbury were very accurate and conveyed much of the information that our guides gave us. It was a wonderful experience and we would recommend it to anyone who enjoys animals in the wild.

Patti and Dick Melsheimer

Arroyo Grande

On waterboarding

In his letter to the editor, W.R. Cole complained about Bush waterboarding that poor terrorist and mass murderer, Khalid Mohammed, who killed 3,000 people (“Punish offenders,” Jan. 6).

I have a question for Cole. If you knew that by waterboarding Mohammed, it would have saved the lives of your family, would it be OK or not to waterboard him? Because that is what Bush did — saved a lot of family members who would have died if Mohammed had not been waterboarded.

Richard Maytum

San Luis Obispo

Kennedy & Kennedy

I read Dan Krieger’s recent column with a great deal of interest (“Bob Kennedy did what the boss wanted,” Jan. 2).

I have long been an admirer of Robert E. Kennedy. His contributions to the legacy of Cal Poly are legend. He will be missed.

I especially enjoyed the picture of Bob and Maridel greeting Ted Kennedy on campus in the early 1960s. I can only be thankful that Bob didn’t ask Teddy to give Maridel a ride home in his car!

We were blessed that history passed us by.

Dennis Peck

Pismo Beach

Misses Betty already

I would like to reiterate the sentiments of Judy Salamacha (“Winholtz’s mark on Morro Bay,” Jan. 3) and Anne Miranda (“Winholtz appreciated,” Jan. 5). Morro Bay lost a very well educated, well informed councilwoman when we lost Betty Winholtz in her bid for mayor. As a City Council member, she was always prepared and you knew she had read all the documents because she asked very detailed questions.

Morro Bay has some very large projects coming up and we lost someone who could have worked through the issues and gotten Morro Bay the best project for the least amount of money.

Dorothy Cutter

Morro Bay