Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 12/30

Not our fault

Shame on Dean Benedix, the county’s utilities division manager, for his insensitive public comments on KSBY regarding the flooding in Oceano: “We can’t take their property away, we can’t make them raise their homes.” He implies that it’s our fault for living in this neighborhood.

As a displaced, flooded homeowner, I find this outrageous. This is an approved development. I have lived in the neighborhood for 17 years. We’ve had numerous storms of this intensity and never experienced this kind of flooding.

The “flap gates” Bene-dix refers to are antiquated. The community has grown considerably since they were installed and the amount of street run off from the higher-ground communities is considerable. The gates need to be replaced with a better system.

The South County regional wastewater treatment plant also experienced a catastrophic pump failure. The plant, located in our neighborhood, was unable to pump water or sewage, so it flowed freely into our homes. Residents are fed up.

We urge all county supervisors and managers to stop pointing fingers. It’s time to roll up their sleeves, admit there is a problem and find a solution. After all, this is what we pay them to do, not tell us it’s our fault for living in this area.

Greg Cobb


Paranoid delusion

Will anything ever convince the “birthers” that the president was born in Hawaii, not Kenya (“A secret location,” Dec. 22)?

There is a copy of President Barack Obama’s official state of Hawaii birth certificate posted online, plus there were two separate newspaper announcements of his Aug. 4, 1961 birth published in Honolulu newspapers on Aug. 13 and 14, 1961.

The “birthers” probably believe that these announ-cements were inserted by his parents from Kenya because they foresaw that their son Barack would become president of the United States in 2008. A conspiracy to defraud of the highest order!

One definition of paranoid delusion is the absolute refusal to accept anything as proof that you might be wrong.

Laurence Houlgate

San Luis Obispo