Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 12/25

Policing of salaries

On Dec. 16, Chris Black wrote a letter to the editor requesting a comparison of police officer salaries (“Questions for Joe”). This is a listing from the following police departments:

Paso Robles: $69,204

Atascadero: $72,612

Santa Maria: $76,518

CHP: $79,248

San Diego: $80,016

Los Angeles: $80,075

Santa Barbara: $86,169

Monterey: $91,656

Gilroy: $94,164

San Luis Obispo: $102,596

Santa Cruz: $103,668

Monterey, Gilroy, San Luis Obispo and Santa Cruz have binding arbitration and please notice the connection to the salaries. Is the salary of San Luis Obispo police officers reasonable?

Ron Malak

San Luis Obispo

The value of CEOs

Now that I’ve seen the documentary, “Inside Job,” I know what makes over-compensated CEOs valuable: They are very talented liars. You know the type. The kids who always got away with stuff because they could bluff the teachers with their innocent faces. They clearly have some practice convincing themselves of their lies and actually feel half-convinced (or at least somewhat justified) in their bubble with rich colleagues and co-conspirators.

They use the word “earn” a lot while discussing the huge sums of money they are paid for surfing over and around laws and risking prison for great financial gains. They take all the risks while board members safely and quietly divvy up the loot. 

It’s amazing to see how big insurance can use money they get from the public to sway the more lame-brained among us to vote against our own public interests.

I like to believe they are starting to wise up to the fact that what’s good for all is good for them. Maybe Christmas trends like elite shoppers buying diamonds versus average Americans looking for sales on kids’ socks will be enough to catch voters’ attention. It has been going on for a long time.

Francis Howard


An avid reader

I can’t say enough good about Bill Morem’s excellent piece titled, “News print isn’t dead, at least not yet” (Dec. 16). A great day for me begins with The Tribune, Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, USA Today, San Francisco Chronicle and The Wall Street Journal in my hands, in a local coffee shop, with a bottomless cup.

It’s a place to keep contact with friends in an inviting atmosphere. I can be alone and feel very comfortable. I am also a self-confessed Luddite. I treasure the access and reach of the Internet and the ability to write via computer, but I especially appreciate all the work and talent within the walls of The Tribune.

I’m glad to hear that at least three present generations of readers still place value in printed text on newsprint. I hope rumors of newsprint death are greatly exaggerated.

Lee Ferrero

Los Osos